9. Hsian Ch'u - The Power of Small Measures

The Gentle Over The Creative
The Wind Above, Heaven Below


-- 0 --

-------- Penetration Thighs Air White Early Summer South East Eldest Daughter
---  ---

-- 0 --

-- 0 -- Strength Head Metal Purple Early Winter North West Father

MOVING LINES are read from the bottom up in the hexagram and represent change. Weak becomes strong or strong becomes weak.
The moving lines in the hexagram are -- X -- a weak (broken) line becoming strong (solid) and -- 0 -- a strong (solid) line becoming weak (broken).

The wind blows across heaven.
Thick clouds carry no rain.
They approach from the West.
The great man cultivates the outer bearing of his nature.

When a person can not produce important and lasting effects on the world around him, he must look inward and try to improve the countenance of his own nature in small ways. In this situation, a powerful principle is temporarily held in check by lesser principles. Only through a gentle approach can this situation be resolved to its prosperous end. The moment for far reaching actions has not yet arrived. For now the situation can only be improved by small measures and gradual changes. This does not mean that changes will not happen in your favour, but rather that they will be slow and steady. Obstacles must be overcome. In the meantime, all one can do is to prepare himself for these change by improving the outward bearing of his nature. Direct action at this time would cause nothing but conflict. Your influence can only be exercised through the lesser mean of friendly persuasion. For now, you must be content with influencing the situation in small ways. The situation calls for unbending fortitude from within and a moderate, flexible approach in how you deal with those who, for now, have control over circumstances.


1 --0-- The man returns to the proper path. Auspicious.

If when trying to bring about change, a wise man meets with insurmountable obstacles, he understands that his only solution is to change course for one better suited to his situation. He is free to move forward, or retreat, as the situation calls for. Good fortune will come to him if he does not try to bring about change by the force of his will alone.

2 --0-- The man is drawn back to the proper path. Someone else will show him the way.

He would like to move ahead but sees that the path he has chosen confronts him with too many obstacles. Seeing that the drive forward is not favorable at this particular time, he will retreat with others of similar intent and wait for the proper moment before passing to action. This way, he does not subject himself to rejection and defeat. This attitude, will in the end, bring about the desired outcome through the increased support of people who think alike.

3 --0-- The wheels from the wagon have been broken. A husband and wife look away from each other. Ominous.

In this case, a man tries to force his will on to those who control the situation. He knows that his cause is right, but under these circumstances, the balance of power is in favour of the weak elements. His hasty charge is destined to failure. Outer circumstances will block his progress. Unfortunately, the man does not follow the advice of destiny and there is unrest. The man will suffer defeat when he anticipated an obvious conquest. By his actions, he will have endangered his own honorable status.

4 --X-- A man who is sincere avoids danger. No blame.

If a person is in a position of counseling an influential and powerful man, he should try to temper this man's actions so that the proper objectives may be achieved. This might be quite dangerous. The truth must come to light no matter what stands in the way. In the end, the proper course will be followed and its results will justify the dangerous position he had to assume. All anxiety will vanish. The man will be without guilt.

5 --0-- A man who is sincere will draw faithful allies. He will have the support of his neighbors. Auspicious.

The strength of an association lies in the true allegiance of its members, as well as in the integrity of its leaders. Each member must contribute in his own way to form a cohesive whole. For the weaker elements of the group, allegiance involves genuine devotion to the causes of the organization. For the stronger elements, allegiance involves being worthy of the trust bestowed upon them. This complimentary relationship between the members and leaders is what holds the group together as a unit. The ruling elements must be careful not to become selfish in their attitudes and must remember to share the benefits of the organization with its weaker elements, who are just as important as the strong.

6 --0-- Rain falls. It is time to rest. Sincerity has enduring effects. Determination leads to danger. If the man continues on this course, He will meet with misfortune.

The cumulative effect of small changes brought about by the respect for integrity of character points towards the approach of success. However, success which has been obtained little by little demands a vigilant attitude. A person would be creating illusions for himself if he though that the success achieved was unlimited and irreversible. In this situation, the victory has been won by weak elements. Flaunting the success achieved would induce danger. To become consumed with ones own success would surely bring about a rapid downfall. The man should be satisfied with what has been accomplished and try to hold on to the advances he has made through keeping a proper attitude towards the people and conditions which revolve around him. To become arrogant, or to try to elevate oneself further before the proper conditions have been established, would bring about misfortune.

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