42. I - Expansion

The Gentle Over The Arousing
The Wind Above, Thunder Below



-------- Penetration Thighs Air White Early Summer South East Eldest Daughter
-- x --

---  ---

-- x -- Movement Foot Grass Orange Spring East Eldest Son
-- 0 --

MOVING LINES are read from the bottom up in the hexagram and represent change. Weak becomes strong or strong becomes weak.
The moving lines in the hexagram are -- X -- a weak (broken) line becoming strong (solid) and -- 0 -- a strong (solid) line becoming weak (broken).

There is wind above thunder.
If the great man sees right, he emulates it.
If the great man sees wrong, he eliminates it.
Expansion of the proper way.
The great man is encouraged to endeavour some venture.
The great man may cross the great water.

Much like wind and thunder serve to reinforce each other, so too must man look to others in order to expand his own horizons. When a man sees the right and proper way in other people he must strive to apply the same principles in his own life. When he finds wrongful and improper standards within himself he should strive to eliminate them. By accentuating what is good and eliminating what is bad the man will be able to liberate himself from corruption. The ethical change of attitudes described here is the most significant method to expand ones own character. Those who are in positions of power must sacrifice part of themselves in order to serve those who are less fortunate. The proper ruler is first and foremost the servant of the people. Such bearing brings happiness and appreciation from the less fortunate and helps foster the growth of the common welfare of the group. When leaders learn to serve their followers in the proper way they gather around them the support needed to achieve great deeds. This is a time of genuine expansion which strengthens the whole of the community. Even perilous ventures will be brought to a successful conclusion with the collective support of the group. Hard work and determination are needed in order to make the best use of this time of expansion. The period of expansion does not last forever and should be dealt with in the proper manner. Such a period is much like the union of heaven and earth where both elements merge within the creative process in order to bring forth the fruits of life.


1 --0-- He should perform noble achievements. Very auspicious. No remorse.

If a man finds that he is being motivated from a higher source, he should use this expanded source of energy to accomplish an important task which he could not of taken on otherwise. Extreme good fortune is obtained for the man whose actions are truly selfless. Such actions can never bring remorse.

2 --X-- The man is expanded with the help of another. Ten tortoises would not change this. Auspicious if the man is determined. The ruler offers him to the divine. Auspicious.

A man brings about an expansion within his own selfless being by maintaining the proper attitudes and by nurturing the good in all its forms. If a man can act in this fashion, good fortune will come about of its own accord. When prosperity is in harmony with the higher laws of the universe, nothing can prevent its manifestation. He must be determined to remain on the proper course because any deviation from his selfless receptivity would change conditions. Through his inner strength he will gain definition before the spirit and before men. He will thus be called upon to accomplish important tasks for the good of the whole.

3 --X-- He is fortified through unfavorable circumstances. No remorse, if he is genuine And follows the path of the middle

When the time is right for bounty and enhancement, even circumstances which on the surface look unfavorable will end up by being a benefit to the proper man. If he acts with inner truth and harmony he will acquire such personal influence that he will be able to exert his authority for the good of the whole. This experience will give him the inner justness necessary to follow the path of the golden mean.

4 --X-- If he follows the path of the middle, And is accountable to the ruler, He will be heard. He may be used to achieve great deeds.

It times of prosperity, it is important to have the right person serve as the intermediary between the ruler and the followers. This man should be detached and equitable since the gains should be extended from the ruler down to the followers. He must make sure that nothing is held back for selfish purposes and that the benefits do indeed reach those who are deserving. Such an mediator will also arouse the proper influence within the heart of the ruler. Such a middle man is an important factor when important tasks are to be accomplished, which need the consent of all the people concerned.

5 --0-- If the man is genuine and has a compassionate heart, He asks nothing for himself. Very auspicious. Genuine benevolence will be acknowledged As one of his virtues.

Genuine compassion does not demand appreciation from others or petition honour because it springs from a sincere inner need to help those who find themselves in dire straits. A man who acts with such a generous heart will undoubtedly be acknowledged and his favorable inspiration will be allowed to expand spontaneously.

6 --0-- He expands no other. He is even struck by another. He does not have consistency in his heart. Ominous.

People who find themselves in prominent positions should be able to sacrifice some of their prosperity for others who are more in need. If such a man disregards this particular obligation and assists no others, he will soon lose the respect and authority he had and find himself walking alone. Such an attitude might even entice others to seek revenge for not getting a fair consideration. A man who does not consistently follow the proper path, which he feels in his heart, will undoubtedly bring misfortune down upon himself.

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