The Arousing Over 
Thunder Above, Earth Below

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Thunder echoes from within the earth.
The rulers in the past played music.
They revered virtue and offered it with grace
To the Absolute Divinity.
They honoured their ancestors.
Success if he seeks out assistance
And moves the masses in the proper direction.

Thunder is associated with rain which refreshes the earth. After a long winter the earth releases its pent up electrical energy which manifests its power in the springtime thunderstorm. Relief from the harshness of winter is obtained through the soothing rain which nourishes life below. In the same way that the thunderstorm and rain relieve the pent up tensions of the earth after its long slumber so too will music ease the tensions from within man and allow the hold of concealed passions to be relieved. The true source of enthusiasm reveals itself as the heart. The music of the soul, subtle yet forever inspiring, moves men towards the proper path. Music and dance has played a major role in the spiritual journey of man as can be seen in the dance of the Sufis of the chants of the Gregorians. Music of this sort is looked upon as a bridge to the unseen world of the spirit. It is this type of music that is involved in this situation. The ruler who honors proper virtues and pays homage to the past and it’s lessons is in truth in the service of the higher spirit. The ruler of this situation is unquestionably a man who acts in the proper ways. The wisdom and joy of heaven meet with the concrete actions of the earth in a truly mystical way. The ruler inspires enthusiasm from the masses because he is in tune with the higher purpose of life. The ruler’s actions are for the good of all and the masses will respond favorably to his authority. The harmony of the whole is the base of the ruler’s decisions. Only through the unselfish influence of the proper ruler can the right assistants be found and the whole be moved forward. It is important for the ruler to choose his assistants with care.

1 –X– If excitement is communicated Misfortune will be brought on. 

When a lesser man moves up in the world of affairs he should not brag about his newfound wealth, position or relationships. Vanity of this sort would inevitably lead to resentment from others and in the end misfortune. A mans excitement about his position in life should never be expressed as self-centered enthusiasm. It can only be communicated if the expression of the man’s excitement serves to unite the man and the community. 

2 –X– He remains on course. He does not wait for even a day. Auspicious if he is determined. 

The superior man does not let himself be fooled by the same delusion which the community has fallen for. They are blinded with their own enthusiasm about conditions but the superior man has the clarity of mind necessary to foresee the indications pointing to a need for caution. He remains on course by keeping his restrained composure. He should not needlessly compliment those above him or display vanity towards those below. As soon as the earliest evidence of conflict arises he understands that the time has come for him to retreat and does not hesitate in withdrawing. To be determined in following the proper course outlined by this moving line will bring about good fortune. 

3 –X– Unexpressed enthusiasm for the ruler brings regret. Reluctance will also bring regret. 

In this situation we have a man who looks up to someone else, the ruler, with admiration. He must go to this person and let his feelings be known. He must offer his assistance to the ruler. Only by acting in this manner will he be following his proper course. If he delays acting in this way for too long he will regret having missed this opportunity. 

4 –0– He is the origin of enthusiasm. Noble deeds can be accomplished. He can trust his own instincts. His friends will unite around him. 

This line speaks of a man who is self assured and who can stimulate enthusiasm in others around him. Others find themselves attracted to this man because he demonstrates no indecision about moving towards the proper course and shows sincerity in his attitudes. Because he reveals his confidence to the people around him he can gain popular support and thus achieve success. The community is pulled together because of the confidence this man has in himself as well as the group and also because he can give them proper leadership. 

5 –X– Continuously afflicted. Still he does not die. 

In this situation there are certain deterrents to enthusiasm. The man is continuously subjugated to various tensions exerted from outside. However this is not completely negative because the tensions put upon him prevent him from exhausting his energy in the hollow enthusiasm of a lost cause. The tensions in this case actually help to keep the man from depleting his own power in a useless way and thus saves him from undue personal affliction. 

6 –X– Mislead enthusiasm. If he can still change course There will be no blame. 

It is wrong for a man to let himself be mislead into mistaken enthusiasm by his own illusions. If after this misconception has manifested itself to him he can still change he will be cleared of personal blame. A turning away from misplaced enthusiasm is still conceivable and quite promising.