The Abyss Over The Arousing 
The Deep/Water Above, Thunder Below

— x —
— 0 —DangerEarWoodRedWinterNorthMiddle Son
—  —
—  —
—  —MovementFootGrassOrangeSpringEastEldest Son

A difficult beginning.
Determination brings about success.
Order is brought about from chaos,
If one seeks the assistance of others.
Be cautious of your steps.
Success if you remain on the right path.
Growth is assured through others.

You are like a blade of grass struggling out from the earth. You are at the beginning of a journey. Heaven and earth meet with such force in this hexagram that they have exchanged positions. You are now in the middle of a chaotic situation which will eventually clear up. Although you are not responsible for this situation, it has slowly become the most important factor in your existence. Difficulties are often the source and fuel for growth. This situation is no exception. If you see the condition as hopeless then you are not following the correct path. Once you realize this you will naturally start to see the potential in the situation. Through perseverance you will meet this new challenge and start to move towards the proper path. You must hold back from undertaking any rash actions. Careful consideration must be given to whatever it is you wish to address. It is also important for one that is in your condition to seek out help from those around you. Be careful not to become passive and to let the others bring about the changes that are needed. In order for you to find your place in this situation it will be necessary for you to emotionally detach yourself from it while remaining an active force in determining the new direction for this situation.

1 –0– Difficulties ahead. Remain determined. Seek out assistance. 

If you encounter difficulties at the beginning of a project you must stop for a moment and reconsider your position. This does not mean that you should turn away from your plans but rather take the time needed to make the proper decisions. You must remain persistent and keep your objective within view. Your proper course is to retain a certain modesty about your position. In this way you will appeal to the right associates. 

2 –X– Difficulties upon difficulties. A newcomer offers assistance. Do not accept it. When the time is right You will join with the proper force. 

Your situation is full of drawbacks and obstacles. A new element has entered into play which was totally unexpected. Help will be offered by this new element but do not agree to it since it may be tied into new obligations on your part for which you are not yet ready. In the proper time, assistance from the right person will be offered to you and you will be happy that you did not accept assistance from a stranger. 

3 –X– Without the proper guidance You can only get lost. The great man recognizes this He abandons the situation. Regrets if you continue. 

You are going through some difficult times. You need guidance but your sense of pride gets in your way. Do not try to disembroil yourself from this situation without the help of a wiser person. You must forsake your desires instead of trying to force your wishes upon others. If you try to force events in your favour you will only meet with contempt and indignation. 

4 –X– Seek out assistance. Everything you do will help your situation. Auspicious. 

Two people are involved in this situation. You need to act but lack sufficient power to do so. An other person has the power to act but does not yet know of the need for action. You must seek out the man of power and convince him of the need for action. You must put away your vanity and understand the value in your position which is secondary in nature. With the proper assistance, success is assured. 

5 –0– Good intentions are offset by difficulties. Auspicious if you persist a little. Ominous if you persist too much. 

Someone or something is blocking your efforts and good intentions. It will not further your goals to face these difficulties directly. Continue to do your work to the best of your abilities. You will gain the confidence of others and things will soon start to go your way. Be prudent and proceed one step at a time. Only by your moving in small ways will you be able to influence the outcome of this situation. 

6 –X– Insurmountable difficulties. Tears of blood will flow. 

The difficulties you have met with seem to be insurmountable. You feel as if you have gotten yourself entangled into something you will never be able to get out of. You may be tempted to give up the struggle but this would be a serious mistake. To do so would only aggravate your situation. You and only you must find the way out of this one.