The Clinging Over The Clinging 
Fire/Sun Above, Fire/Sun Below

— x —Clarity/LightEyeFireYellowSummerSouthMiddle Daughter
— 0 —
— 0 —
—  —Clarity/LightEyeFireYellowSummerSouthMiddle Daughter

The sun rises over the sun.
The wise man, by sustaining his brilliance,
Reveals the four corners of the world.
The clinging. Auspicious if he is determined.
To attend to the cow brings about good fortune.

Each of the trigrams represent the course of the sun over a day. Since the suns movement is repeated this represents the activity of the sun from day to day throughout time. The wise man will is like the sun from day to day. He lights the lives of others by his brilliance which shine from day to day rather than as a coincidental spark of light. The clarity of mind that is evident in the wise man shines far and wide. It permeates the character of other men in a deep and enduring manner. A man of such radiance must have from within himself the will to continue in his work otherwise he would quickly flare up and burn out. The light depends on the darkness to become manifest. Without the concept of what is dark there would be no light and vise versa. The dark elements cling to the light and supply it with the fuel light need to burn brightly. Without the fuel a fire will not burn or shine. The wise man himself being the dark element of the earth must cling to what is proper, the light element of the heavens. When a man becomes aware of his limitations as a human being he then realizes that in order for him to free himself he must become content with his situation and live in harmony with his condition. Such an attitude will call on the beneficial forces of the universe and he will with their help achieve success. The cow has always been a symbol of what is receptive. The wise man who encourages from within himself a sense of following and willful dependance on the will of the universe shall obtain clarity of mind. He will be able to show others through his example and thus find his true calling.

1 –0– His thoughts wander about. If his intent has serious purpose There will be no blame. 

The mans thoughts are not focused properly. Much needs to be done and there seems to be little time left to accomplish his task. In such a situation it is critical that the man maintain his self-control and that he does not let himself be carried along by the fast pace of the turn of events. If the man remains thoughtful and keeps to the proper course he will eventually attain the clarity and peace of mind which will bring about a successful conclusion to this situation. The circumstances are only beginning move and it is precisely at this time that diligence and determination are most needed for the effective completion of his tasks. 

2 –X– He shine of yellow light. Very auspicious. 

Yellow is the color representing the path of the middle. When dealing with others, the man shows great strength and wisdom by being able to keep his actions and reactions to observe the path of the golden mean. 

3 –0– The man is looking at the setting sun. He beats on a pot and sings loudly Or protests the coming of old age. Ominous. 

The setting sun reminds man that life on earth is nothing but a transient passage. This feeling that life is but a fleeting moment can move a man to celebrate irrationally in order to savour life while it lasts. The same feeling can also move a man to sorrow thus frustrating the man while he protests about the coming of old age. Both of these perspectives are mistaken. For the great man, the coming of death is not an end, but rather, more like a time of returning to ones sources. While he knows that it is inevitable he does not waste his time with useless actions and emotions. He prepares himself while waiting for his time to come and thus completes his destiny in the proper way. 

4 –0– The light has come abruptly. It flares up, dies and is discarded. 

The man who is has inner clarity but does not possess peace of mind may be able to soar rapidly to a position of distinction but he will not achieve any permanent influence. Such a man burns brightly from within and eventually consumes himself with the fire of his own passions thus bringing the situation to an unfortunate conclusion. 

5 –X– With a flood of tears, he mourns. Auspicious. 

When one has reached the climax of ones own life a man may begin to feel sorrow for himself. If he where to continue on this path he would soon destroy himself through his own vainglory. He must be able to discard his own aspirations and concerns. He must stop crying over his own destiny if he is ever to regain clarity and peace of mind. If he is able to follow the proper path, much good will grow out of his sorrow. Only if this becomes a genuine change of heart can good fortune be attained. 

6 –0– The ruler has sent him to condemn evil. And restrain their followers. He must discipline the leaders. There is no guilt in this. 

The purpose of condemning evil is not simply to hand out punishment in a blinded fashion but rather to develop a sense of discipline in the people. In order to eradicate evil, it must be eliminated from its foundation. In general it is better to impose discipline on the leaders of the corrupt movement and to pardon their supporters. When a man is developing his own character he should strive to eliminate bad habits as soon as he becomes aware of them and accept those practices that do no harm. If he is too critical of himself, like with a sentence of undue severity, the purpose of the discipline will have been an inappropriate exercise of the power of personal will.