Keeping Still Over The Gentle 
Mountain Above, The Wind Below

—  —InertiaHandStoneGreenEarly SpringNorth EastYoungest Son
—  —
— 0 —
— 0 —PenetrationThighsAirWhiteEarly SummerSouth EastEldest Daughter
— x —

The wind sweeps down at the foot the mountain.
Restitution is imperative.
The great man will inspire the masses
And fortify their spirit. He may cross the great water.
Reflection for three days before he begins.
Reflection for three days after he has begun.

If the wind sweeps down on the mountain, it is forced back with vigour and its gust will damage the flora. This is why this situation calls for restitution. When men act improperly they only succeed in demeaning the whole community. Corruption springs up from such a situation and a great man understands that it is his responsibility to reinstate the proper attitudes in his fellow men. Order must be maintained if success is to be achieved. The first step to restitution of order is to eliminate the present sense of apathy by moving popular sentiment towards the right ideal. Once this has been done he must act to give force and stability to the nature of the people involved. Feelings of indifference must be removed from those involved in the situation because they have caused stagnation and corruption. The conditions of this situation call for a general shaking up of the community of men involved. The cause for this static inidifference must be forcibly removed if justice and order are to be restored. There is culpability indicated by the state of this situation. What men have ruined, men must restore through proper attitudes and actions. The misuse of basic humane freedoms have caused the deterioration of the situation into a state of corrupt injustice. The improvement of conditions are possible here because those who are corrupt are presently weak. Much labour needs to be done here and the great man must not shy away from his duties. This is why he must act with good intentions. He may cross the great water means that his actions will be successful if they are made in the proper direction. Great deliberation should be given to the situation before the action is initiated and after it has begun.

1 –X– Restitution of what was dishonored by the father. If he acts like the son, No guilt will fall upon his elders. Perilous but auspicious conclusion. 

To helplessly cling to conventions once they have become obsolete is a sign of weakness. Fortunately the situation has not deteriorated beyond repair. If the man can restore the conditions which others have let degenerate, no blame will be assigned to anyone. The man must not disregard the risks involved with taking a casual attitude towards the problems that have been left behind for him. If the man remains attentive to the dangers associated with the restitution to a proper state, all will go well in the end. 

2 –0– Restitution of what was dishonored by the mother. He should not persist without respect. 

Errors have been produced as a direct cause of past weaknesses. The situation has disintegrated into unfavorable conditions because of this. When restituting the situation to its proper state the man must have a moderate and sensitive approach if he is to achieve success. He should not strive to bring about radical change since the situation, in this case, does not call for it. 

3 –0– Restitution of what was dishonored by the father. He will have a few regrets. He remains free of significant error. 

In this situation the man who is trying to restore the conditions back to their proper state is moving too forcefully. Because of his energetic actions there will be a certain amount of dissension and irritation from others. In this situation however too much force is preferable than too little. Because of the seriousness of the wrongs perpetrated, the acts that the man must undertake will give him some slight cause for remorse but, in the end, his actions will be justified and he will be free of blame. 

4 –X– He allows what was dishonored by the father. If he determined to remain on this path He will suffer disgrace. 

The man who must act in order to restore past mistakes is too weak to do so. Disintegration is only starting to reveal itself. It will get worse before it gets better. By letting the situation continue to crumble the man will be humiliated. 

5 –X– Restitution of what was dishonored by the father. He will earn the approval of his surrounding. 

There is weakness in this situation because of past errors in judgement. The conditions have deteriorated so much that the man does not have the personal strength needed to confront them by himself. He must attempt to find capable assistance in the men who surround him. With their aid he will be able to accomplish a successful restitution of proper conditions or a new beginning. Either of these course of action will be worthy of honour. 

6 –0– He needs not attend to the world of men If he serves a more noble purpose. 

Some men have acchieved such a high degree of inner development that they don’t need to enter into the affairs of the world with the intention to change their direction. This in no way means that this man has the right to sit back passively and comment on what others are trying to achieve. A retreat of this sort can only be supported if it is performed with the intent of fulfilling within oneself the higher aspirations of humanity. Through his spirit the wise man can accomplish many compassionate and noble deeds.