The Creative Over The Abyss 
Heaven Above, The Deep/Water Below

——–StrengthHeadMetalPurpleEarly WinterNorth WestFather
— x —
——–DangerEarWoodRedWinterNorthMiddle Son
— x —

Water falls while Heaven rises.
Out of this comes dispute.
Do not underestimate the importance of preliminary procedures.
Although you are trustworthy,
Expect to meet with resistance.
Caution in this situation brings good fortune.
Forcing your will upon others brings you guilt.
Seek out the man of knowledge.
It is not yet time to make decisions.

Heaven which moves upward is above The Deep/Water which moves in a downward direction is below. They are moving away from each other. In this situation, opposing views seem irreconcilable. If you are not sure of yourself, opposing force may get the best of you. The only way you will resolve this situation is by being able to show confidence in your position while at the same time you keep in mind that for your opponent his position is just as valid as your own. You must be ready to meet him halfway. Compromise is of the essence here. Even if you are right, you should be ready to yield a little to your opposition. To carry on the fight to the bitter end without concessions on your part would bring on disastrous consequences even if you are right. It would seem that your best move would be to seek out a man of knowledge that would be unbiased in this situation and have him serve as an arbitrator. It is not yet time to act on your decisions. In any case unilateral action would bring on your downfall. You first need to unite the differing factions into a coherent whole before you can move on the decisions that will be made. It is a time for compromise. A strong leader understands the strength of a united center. You are now at the dawn of this rising conflict. You must now consider the options. Tomorrow will be too late. If you take care of the differences now and define the proper roles at this time you will be able to see this situation through to its constructive completion.

1 –X– You must turn away from confrontation There will be misrepresentation. In the end all will go well. 

The confrontation at hand is only in its initial stage. The best option for you at this time is to simply forget about the situation. Your enemy can be very powerful and should not be forced into making a decision. There may be meager contention but in the end everything will be for the best. 

2 –0– Now is not the proper time for confrontation. Withdraw in peace to your own household. This will avoid disaster for you and your supporters. 

When confronted with a stronger opponent there is no disgrace in a well planned escape. Withdrawing yourself from the situation at the proper time will prevent humiliation and negative effects. If you can not swallow your pride and remove yourself from this confrontation you will bring adversity upon yourself. You are better off with a compliant attitude. Such an outlook will save face for you and those who care about you since they will not be drawn into the conflict with you. 

3 –X– Always remain true to yourself. While material possession can be taken away No one can rob you of your true spirit. Danger, but in the end auspicious. Do not seek honour and prestige. Only you need to know your genuine worth. 

You must always remember that material possessions are nothing but transitory elements in your life. Excessive attachment to the comforts you have gained throughout your lifetime could have negative effects. The only true possession you have lies within your heart. No one can take away your inner strength and wisdom. You should cling on to your positive values and remain true to your own self worth during this time of confrontation. If you are in a position of serving a superior, the only way you can avert friction is by not pursuing prominence. Do the work because it needs to be done and let the praise be given to others. 

4 –0– Now is not the proper time for confrontation. Your motives are not of an honorable nature. You must turn within and accept your fate. You must correct your attitude and perspective. Once you have done this you will find peace of mind. Auspicious. 

Here, we have a person who does not feel happy with the way the situation is developing and would like to improve his own circumstance through confrontation. His motives are not of a noble nature and although he might be able to force his opposition and succeed, he can not go through with the dispute. He is wrong and knows that his motives are based on selfish and petty principles. His conscience will not allow him to continue with the confrontation. For these reasons his only alternative it to wait and accept his own destiny. Once he has accepted this fact he will find lasting peace of mind and his true place in the greater scheme of things. This will bring him good fortune. 

5 –0– Seek out a man of justice. If you are right you will be successful. 

There is a influential and honorable man who can act as a mediator to the confrontation. Let him be the arbitrator in this situation. Whomever is right will be successfull. 

6 –0– Victory without compromise. Never ending confrontations. 

The person, in this situation, has maintained the conflict to its embittered completion and has won the battle without making any concessions. He has reaped the benefits of his battle but has made many enemies by acting in this fashion. He will not find happiness because he will be challenged over and over. The outcome of his actions are never ending confrontation.