The Joyous Over The Joyous 
The Marsh/Mist Above, The Marsh/Mist Below

— x —
——–PleasureMouthFleshBlueAutumnWestYoungest Daughter
—  —
——–PleasureMouthFleshBlueAutumnWestYoung Daughter
— 0 —

A lake above a lake.
The great man unites with his allies
For deliberation and activity.
Auspicious, for the joyous.
Good fortune, if he is determined.

The lake’s water evaporates and if not replenished will eventually dry out. When two lakes are united they will not dry out so easily since they can replenish each other. Wisdom is an invigorating and replenishing power which comes through the exhilaration of interaction and communication between friends of harmonious nature. The realities of life have more than one perspective and through this type of communication one can learn of other views. This will always bring joy and an openness of mind to the man who can accept that others may not all think and feel exactly like he does. The wisdom of the self-educated is always somewhat unwieldy and narrow minded. Genuine joy will manifest itself in the man who can be strong from within while being able to outwardly show a certain sensitivity and adaptability. A joyful disposition will spread to others and thus bring about success. However, this joy must be supported by a constant sense of inner firmness if it is not to deteriorate into uncontained frivolity. Authenticity and fortitude must come from the heart. Genuine consideration must be communicated through the everyday function of social interaction. This is the proper path both towards the divine spirit and towards men. Only in this way can great things, which endure throughout time, be accomplished. If the hearts and minds of the people are gained through genuine kindness and congeniality, they will be better equipped to take on difficult tasks with true joy in their hearts.

Moving lines are read from the bottom up. The lowest line in the hexagram is line # 1 and the highest line is #6. 

1 –0– Joy and contentment. Auspicious. 

Joy and contentment must come from within. With a calm and accepting attitude one attains freedom from his selfish desires. To achieve this state the man must stop wanting from external elements and find within himself, the unexpressed, inner joy which will give strength and balance to his spirit. 

2 –0– Genuine joy. Auspicious. Regrets disappear. 

The great man may at times find himself enticed by the lower forms of self-gratification but he will not indulge himself since he knows that such action would eventually cause him shame. If he truly understands this then he will not let himself be swayed from his proper course and others will not even try to tempt him. In this manner all grounds for regret will be eliminated before his thoughts take form through actions. 

3 –X– Shallow joy approaching. Ominous. 

Genuine joy always finds its source in the heart. The man has become hollow from within and has given himself over to external self-gratification. He will son find that such an attitude will seduce him to the point where he will not be master of his own destiny but rather become subservient to his own selfish desires. This of course leads to adverse consequences. 

4 –0– Joy which is burdensome, Does not inspire peace of mind. If he can purge himself of misunderstandings, He will find genuine joy. 

As long as the man is faced with the decision of selecting between pleasures of a superior and inferior nature he will find no inner serenity or balance. He must comprehend without the shadow of a doubt that desires of an inferior nature only bring on misery and pain. The man must attempt to direct himself towards pleasures of the superior nature. Once he has made the correct conclusion and starts to act in the proper manner he will truly find peace of mind, joy and a genuine sense of inner balance. 

5 –0– Peril if he opens up To the deteriorating inspirations. 

If a good man opens himself up to the influence of perilous elements in his life he will slowly but surely be affected by their negative power. This will bring risks across his path which he could simply avoid now by following the proper course. He must not act in favour of these negative elements. This is the only way he can defend himself and those he loves against the threat of the approaching danger. If he can avoid working with the negative elements which are now encroaching upon the situation he and his loved ones will remain uninjured. 

6 –X– Captivated by the joy of self-gratification. 

A man who is of an egotistic nature will attract others towards him which will revel in the same base pleasures. Such a man will find himself afflicted with the misery and pain associated with such a shallow perspective. These worldly pleasure will take over his life so completely that he will loose control of his own destiny to the powers of his desires. In this situation the man has already lost the power to govern his own fate and has become dependent on outer motivation for direction in his life.