The Gentle Over The Clinging 
The Wind Above, Fire/Sun Below

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— 0 —PenetrationThighsAirWhiteEarly SummerSouth EastEldest Daughter
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—  —Clarity/LightEyeFireYellowSummerSouthMiddle Daughter

Wind issues forth from a fire.
It serves to warm the family.
The great man speaks with integrity,
And demonstrates consistence through his actions.
Determination from the woman is rewarded.

The heat produced from a fire creates power to move the winds. This situation is one where inner strength has the power to inspire the outside world. In a family power must originate from within and work on the outside elements to create order within the household structure. For harmony to reign within the family, the head of the household must be able to speak with power and influence. This can only be achieved if the ruler of the family is responsible and can be counted on to remain constant in the direction taken and goals set. If the ruler says one thing and does another his words will have no impact whatsoever on his surroundings. His behaviour must be an example to the others if he is to be taken seriously. Strong leadership and a sound sense of order is necessary for the proper completion of this course. It is important for those who are involved in this situation to understand their proper place and duties thus creating order in the structure of relationships and responsibilities in the group. It is the role of the proper ruler to deal with others from a position of authority and justice. When it comes to the spectrum of human relationships there are underlying patterns which direct how one is to behave towards others. It is the rulers responsibility to understand these patterns and to ensure that everyone adheres to them. Otherwise there is discord in the community and the whole is weakened by the dissention. The proper ruler will make sure that the ethics of the members of the group as well as his own are moral and well intentioned. The family is much like the society on a smaller scale. When the authority of the household is handled in a correct manner its influence is not undermined and peaceful order reigns. In society the correct conduct of the ruler ensure a smooth and peaceful flow of responsibilities through the proper application of his authority.

1 –0– If order is established from the beginning. Regrets will disappear. 

For any organization to form a proper cohesive whole, order must be introduced from the start. If it is to work as a properly focused unit, the ruler must not be afraid to demand discipline from its supporters. If he lets others do as they wish, he will have cause for remorse. On the other hand, if he firmly initiates discipline from the start, he may feel a little remorse because others might resent his authority but since this is for the good of the whole, guilt will soon ruler of the situation through vain praise. They must be 

2 –X– Her impulsive cravings should not be pursued. She should care for her own proper nourishment. Auspicious if determined. 

The weak, dark elements of a situation must never be allowed to direct the volition of the strong, light giving elements of society. The natural position for the weaker elements is to be in the service of the stronger elements. In this way good things may be accomplished. Leaders are few and followers are in abundance. The significance of the work which may be accomplished under the proper guidance should not be underestimated. The masses are always the most important part of society. They are the ones who must tend to a society’s growth and development by following the counsel of the wise counsel of the strong rulers. A society’s determination to let wise rulers direct it’s course of action will bring it good fortune. 

3 –0– If passions rage within the family, There will be regrets if the ruler is too stern. If he lets the wife and children gossip and snicker, He will be humiliated in the end. Auspicious in the end. 

The ruler must neither be too stern nor too lenient when dealing with those whom he cares for. Either of these attitudes would cause him remorse. The solution is simply to follow the path of the middle road by allowing others as much liberty as possible within a structured organization in which penalties and rewards for the related actions have previously been suitably defined. In situations where there is uncertainty, it is better to be too stern than too lenient. At least in this way discipline is maintained even if the ruler must face modest humiliation. To be too weak would lead to great humiliation. 

4 –X– She enhances the household. Very auspicious. 

Extreme good fortune falls upon the society who can balance its benefits with its obligations. It is good for the leaders of society to proceed towards the well being of the whole. All personal indulgence should be put aside in order for the whole of the community to gain abundance. 

5 –0– He proceeds like a king towards his family. He need not concern himself. Auspicious. 

The king represents a strong and willful man with a clear and selfless state of mind. He does not try to rule by the power of fright but rather with a gentle hand. This inspires others to have confidence in such a man because they know that he rules with genuine compassion. The very nature of such a man will draw men of proper convictions to him. 

6 –0– His accomplishments call for respect. Auspicious in the end. 

Harmony within a society will be directly connected to the character of its ruler. If the ruler can project inner truth and directive by developing his own character in the proper way, he will insure that good fortune falls upon the whole of the community. The ruler must take full responsibility for his actions and decisions. This way he is sure to follow the proper path and to direct the people with the proper form of leadership.