The Arousing Over The Clinging 
Thunder Above, Fire/Sun Below

— x —
—  —MovementFootGrassOrangeSpringEastEldest Son
— x —Clarity/LightEyeFireYellowSummerSouthMiddle Daughter

Thunder and lightning.
The great man settles litigations.
Justice must be maintained.
The ruler acquires prosperity.
Do not feel sorrow for the passing of abundance.
You should be like the sun at its zenith.

This hexagram combines the movement of Thunder with the clarity of Fire/Sun. This union of attributes denotes the capability to both judge the situation impartially and to move on your decisions with peace of mind. For these reasons we can say that your are in a period of prosperity. Since you have already achieved your aspirations and now enjoy what you wished. You have liberated yourself from what oppressed you. Since you have already achieved the state of prosperity you wished for the movement in this situation can only be away from what you now consider to be your ideal. Everything in this world is in a constant state of movement and it is the nature of life to keep on moving. Do not feel sorrow because your state of prosperity is about to change. For every gain there must be a corresponding loss. You must learn to live for the present and enjoy what prosperity has been bestowed upon you. To feel sadness at your eventual decline is not the proper attitude for a great man. A man of knowledge understands that what comes up must come down but will eventually go up again and down again. We are in a cycle of perpetual motion. Only once you have freed yourself from grief and self pity at the impending loss of some of your prosperity can you finally take your true place as the leader of this hexagram. You have successfully concluded certain of your aspirations and now find yourself in the situation where you must now change direction in order to keep moving. You will keep a certain aspect of your prosperity that which lies in the heart but with your clarity of mind you will understand that it is best to let go of this prosperity because it is in your nature to move. Be content for what has been achieved and for what you are now. Live for the present and don’t look back with regrets.

Moving lines are read from the bottom up. The lowest line in the hexagram is line # 1 and the highest line is #6. 

1 –0– When a great man meets the correct ruler They can remain together for ten days. They must seek each other out. No mistake. 

In order to create prosperous times one must move with strength and with a clear frame of mind. In this situation two different people possess one of these complimentary attributes. It is to their mutual advantage to associate themselves together during this phase of prosperity. Jointly they will be able to achieve great deeds. Their union is not an error. In this situation, the ruler’s proper conviction and judgement must be complemented by energetic measures. 

2 –X– The sun has been eclipsed The northern star can be seen at noon. To approach the ruler at this time Would only bring mistrust and envy. If he keeps the truth to himself It will be known in the end And good fortune will be his. 

At times, the ruler who has proper intent and the man who could help him in his endeavors can be kept apart by the conspiracy and prejudiced schemes of those who wish for the downfall of the ruling establishment. This could create such a shroud of darkness that even the northern star could be seen at mid day. If the ruler is eclipsed by those who are covertly seeking to seize power, he should not try to eradicate them forcefully at this time because he would only create an atmosphere mistrust and envy among those who wish him no harm. This would severely limit his options for action when the proper time would arise. What he should be doing at the moment is simply to hold on to the power of inner truth and in the end the strength of the correct attitudes will prevail and he will meet with success. 

3 –0– The sun has been eclipsed Small stars can be seen at noon. In the obscurity, he breaks his right arm. No blame. 

In this situation the light of the sun is gradually being eclipsed but in the end the obscuring of its radiance is so complete that even the small stars can be seen at mid day. This means that the authority of the ruler has been overshadowed to the point where even petty men can push forward and seize power. Under these circumstances, even though they are right, there is nothing the ruler or his supporters can do. It is as if the ruler had broken his right arm. He is not to blame for his unfortunate condition. 

4 –0– The sun has been eclipsed The northern star can be seen at noon. He meets his ruler, who is of the same mind. Auspicious. 

In this situation the eclipse of the sun is waning. The ruler has been through a very difficult time but conditions have already begun to take a change for the better. At this time it would be wise if he where to associate himself with able and trustworthy men. If he can find such people to work with him, in the end, all will go well. In this case the rulers strength must be tempered by the insight of the proper way to rule. 

5 –X– Trustworthy men counsel the ruler. Bounty and prominence are close at hand. Auspicious. 

The man rules with humility and can therefore surround himself with men of knowledge who are worthy of trust. This modest approach to ruling will bring good fortune to the ruler and his followers. 

6 –X– His quarters are prosper. He obscures his relations. When he looks through the portal He observes no ally. He sees no one for three years. Ominous. 

In this situation, the man is so egotistical and stubborn that he only achieves the contrary of what he had been struggling for. He want to gain prosperity and stateliness for his family but his improper attitudes have estranged him so much from them that in the end he finds himself totally separated from them. He wanted to be their ruler so much that he only succeeded in pushing them away.