The Clinging Over The Abyss 
Fire/Sun Above, The Deep/Water Below

— 0 —
—  —Clarity/LightEyeFireYellowSummerSouthMiddle Daughter
— 0 —
— x —
— 0 —DangerEarWoodRedWinterNorthMiddle Son
—  —

Fire above water.
The great man is cautious
When determining the distinction between things,
In order to assign to each their proper position.
Approaching completion. Auspicious.
If the young fox drops his tail 
Before he has completely crossed the river,
He will get wet.
Auspicious if you are like the great man.
Ominous if you are like the fox.

When a fire is above water, the two forces who move in opposite directions do not interact. The flame move upward while the water flows downward. If one hopes to obtain a certain result, he must first understand the nature of the forces he is dealing with and how their influence will function in relation to each other. If he can make sure that these forces manifest themselves in their proper positions, he will thus ensure himself of the proper outcome of the situation. In order to do this, the man must be sure that he is looking at things from their proper perspective. How else could he arrive at the right conclusions. The proper order of things has not yet come about. However, the creation of order is imminent. Circumstances are demanding and the task at hand is critical. The man must be able to demonstrate his ability to shoulder much responsibility. He must guide the others out of their confused, chaotic state into more stable and structured conditions. Fortunately, the times are suitable for such a change since others are united where it concerns the trend towards this new heading. When faced with such a situation the man must move very carefully if he is to avoid the pitfalls before him. The young fox moves daringly across the river but drops his vigilance before he has completed the crossing and thus gets his tail wet. The man must keep his attentiveness well-honed if he is to successfully bring about the completion of his task.

1 –X– His tail drops into the water. Humiliation. 

In this situation the man may feel enticed to move forward in spite of the impending difficulties and chaos which lie ahead. To try to move forward when the proper moment has not yet been reached leads to misfortune. The wise man knows that he is better off to wait until the proper time for action if he is to ward off humiliating defeat. 

2 –0– He puts on the brakes. Auspicious, if he is determined. 

The proper moment to pass to action has not yet arrived. It is now time to plan what the next move should be. However the man must be careful not to plan for too long since the time for action is near. He must gather from within the strength he will need to carry out his task. For the moment he must slow down and reevaluate his strategy. He must show a great deal of diligence and never forget what his true purpose really is. With inner strength, composure and persistance he will meet with success. 

3 –X– Completion approaches, Ominous if he uses force. He may cross the great water. 

Change is necessary but the man does not have the strength required to carry change to it’s completion. He should not seek to force fate by himself or he would bring inevitable calamity upon himself. The man must instead search for competent assistants and with them he will be able to come to the right conclusion. Only with the help of others will he be able to make the proper decisions. This must be a collective effort if the changes are to be brought to their completion. 

4 –0– He must correct the wrongs of hell’s domain. For three years, vast rewards will be gained. Auspicious, if he is determined. Remorse will disappear. 

The man is presently going through a period of turmoil. Change must be brought to completion. He must be determined in his thoughts and his actions if he is to succeed. He must put aside all apprehension which might have been caused by this period of turmoil. The man will need to be strongly resolute and controlled if he is to beat the forces of corruption which lie within. The battle will be difficult one but it will not be without compensation. It is now time to prepare the base on which tomorrow shall be built. 

5 –X– The radiance of the superior man is genuine. Auspicious, if he is determined. No remorse. 

Through determination and the proper course of action triumph has been achieved. Apprehension has been subdued. The overwhelming success of the new conditions have warranted every action. A man of strength and wisdom now stands at the center and inspires all others to follow the proper path. The situation has changed for the better and with this change will come a great period of prosperity. 

6 –0– In sincere trust, they drink some wine. No blame. If he gets drunk, he will lose the trust of others. 

Change for the better is about to come to completion. Companions unite in an environment of shared confidence in each other and in the turn of events. While anticipating the completion of events these men pass their time in a festive atmosphere of sociable interaction. The man must be cautious to remain on his best behaviour and not to let the intoxicating effects of the new conditions move his towards indiscreet or harsh words.