The Creative Over The Gentle 
Heaven Above, The Wind Below

——–StrengthHeadMetalPurpleEarly WinterNorth WestFather
— 0 —
— 0 —
——–PenetrationThighsAirWhiteEarly SummerSouth EastEldest Daughter
—  —

Heaven is above the wind.
The ruler influences his people by his authority
Which he proclaimed to the four corners of heaven.
Encounter of opposites.
He meets an influential woman.
He should not unite with her.

When the wind blows beneath the heaven, it moves everywhere entering every nook and cranny. The wind sweeping down from above is a symbol of far reaching influence. In this situation, a ruler governs his people from a distance by establishing the proper laws. There is however the growing force of inferior principles that must be dealt with. This is represented in the lines as the woman of influence. If the ruler decides to meet halfway with those of inferior principles he will soon find himself in the midst of battle with these same people who will try to overpower him. If the ruler does not see these men of inferior principles as dangerous he will himself grant them the authority and influence that they need in order to overthrow the ruling hierarchy. If these men are opposed from the start they will never be able to gather around them the support and influence needed to mount a seizure of power. There are certain moments when it can be right for the inferior and superior to unite. This can be seen in the good that could come from the union of heaven and earth within man. Some opposites are complementary rather than contrary and when these two meet halfway great things can be accomplished. When getting ready to encounter an opposite halfway one must be sure that all deceitful and dishonorable ulterior intent has been eliminated from both sides. Only once this has been accomplished can good things come from the union and success be achieved. One must be careful when choosing to approach others who seek to unite with them. The choice should be based solely on a common agreement as to what goals are acceptable and what means are justified by these goals.

1 –X– A brake of bronze must halt conditions. Auspicious, if he is determined. Ominous, if one lets conditions take their course. Even a lean pig has the strength to do damage. 

Once weak elements start to infiltrate the situation, a vigorous effort to stop them must be made immediately. By being constantly watchful for these inferior elements, their adverse impact can be avoided. If the weak elements are allowed to take their course they will gain strength and bring misfortune on to those who did not stop their growth. Inferior forces should never be underestimated because if they are allowed to proceed without restraints of any kind they will grow in strength and surely make much damage. 

2 –0– Fish is in the basin. No guilt. 

Inferior forces are not to be defeated through brutal strength but rather through the kind and temperate application of the proper form of authority. When this can be achieved, there is no need to fear the evil of corruption. However, one must be cautious not to let these inferior forces reach out to others who are not under the proper authority because this would liberate the inferior forces and allow them to take root from the outside. 

3 –0– His thighs have been skinned. Walking becomes difficult. If he remains aware of the risks, No great error will be made. 

The man is tempted by the enticing offers made by the inferior forces. He should not let himself be lured into such a trap. He would most likely fall into this trap but luckily conditions will prevent him from doing so. This will convey to him a disturbing sense of uncertainty towards his own conduct regarding this situation. At least the man will be forced to get a more lucid understanding of the perils involved in his situation and will later be able to avoid such errors of his own volition. This case should be regarded as a positive experience in being able to discriminate between right and wrong. 

4 –0– There is no fish in the basin. Ominous. 

The man must be patient with inferior people in case the need for their services becomes manifest. If the man isolates himself from them at this point he will have no one to blame but himself when the situation changes and they decide not to help him when he is in a position where he needs their assistance. 

5 –0– The melon has been covered. Concealed lines. Heaven is favorable to his condition. 

A melon is sweet but will spoil quickly if it is not covered. In this situation we have a superior man who shows patience towards inferior people under his guidance. He keeps his strengths concealed within himself and does not disturb the others with tedious warnings but instead lets the be. He puts his faith in the higher powers of the altering force of his ethical character. Destiny is agreeable to him and the inferior people respond favorably to his positive influence. 

6 –0– His horns are showing. Disgrace. No blame. 

Once a man has accomplished his duties in the world, he will often retire himself and live out the remainder of his life away from the turmoil of worldly affairs. He will try to keep himself from inferior influences and will bluntly reject them when they come to meet him. Others may criticize him and try to disgrace his actions but since his duties have been properly accomplished this fact does no matter much. He understands the situation and learns to endure the resentment of the others while keeping his poise and self-control.