The Joyous Over 
The Marsh/Mist Above, Earth Below

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——–PleasureMouthFleshBlueAutumnWestYoungest Daughter
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The lake is above the earth.
The great man maintains his defense
He will be able to confront the unexpected.
Success by common assembly.
The ruler approaches the house.
He should seek out counsel of the great man.
Success if he has determination.
Auspicious if he bears noble tribute.
He should have something to strive for.

When the water from the lake accumulates above the earth there is the risk that it might burst through what is holding it up and return with force to its natural position. Men must take the proper preventive measures to insure that this does not happen. In periods when men assemble together it is probable that some conflicts will develop. When property is accumulated there is also the risk that thieves may steal them. The great man prepares for such events simply by being ready for such occurrences. In this way he is equipped to deal with the unexpected and is not caught off guard. By preparing for such a situation the man can efficiently obstruct its development. The important thing in this case is to have a strong man of vision at the center. The man who is in the ruling position must be able to show inner fortitude and inner clarity of mind if he is to properly influence the assembly of men who have united around him. This common assembly of men is based on an ethical and honorable sense of justice for all. A certain spiritual sense of unity must be the foundation of this association. The men assembled, must be able to pay proper respect to those who have influenced them in the past, as well as to those who now lead them. When men are able to converge together for the good of the whole of society, outstanding accomplishments will be realized. This is the noble tribute that they will leave behind for others to enjoy.

1 –X– He is genuine, but they do not always see him. There will be disorientation but, In the end, common assembly. If they reach out, he will assist them. There will be no remorse. 

People wish to unite behind a ruler whom they can trust. Unfortunately, because the gathering is so large, they seem to be hesitating in making their resolution. They are themselves, being swayed back and forth by differing factions within the group. They require a strong nucleus to which they could cling. The right ruler only needs to present himself in the proper fashion to eliminate all anxiety and discord. The members of the assembly must not allow themselves to be steered wrongly. They must cling strongly to this ruler for he alone has the power to give them focus, direction, and strength. 

2 –X– The men let themselves be brought together. Auspicious. Without remorse. If he is genuine, Even a modest tribute will be appreciated. 

In this particular situation, the common assembly is being directed by superior forces. One should not question why and how the assembly is taking form. These superior forces are making sure that those with common interests find themselves. If the man openly follows the impulse which is causing this appeal then he will be sure not to have made any error. The association being developed here is not one of exterior designs but rather an association of similar inner appreciation. In such a situation, procedures and convention do not play a very important role. What is of utmost significance here is the sincerity and humility within ones own heart. 

3 –X– A common assembly generates sadness. Nothing will help his cause. He remains guiltless if he leaves. Moderate humiliation. 

A man who would like to unite with others, finds himself secluded from the group which had earlier been formed. Circumstances for the moment seem very difficult for him. His only solution is to first win the friendship of a man who is close to the center of the group and who can help him earn acceptance from the others. Even though he might be slightly humiliated at first, this is the only correct path open to him at this time. 

4 –0– Very auspicious. No guilt. 

In this situation, we have a man who acts as the center between the masses and the ruler. He helps to assemble people around the proper causes. He has no self-centered ambitions and works exuberantly towards the goal of achieving unity for the benefit of the whole community. Since his acts are so unselfish, he will be very successful and he will be able to bring things to their proper completion. 

5 –0– He has authority over the common assembly. He should feel no guilt. If some are not yet genuinely participating. Noble and lasting determination is required. If this can be achieved, remorse will vanish. 

The man should not feel any remorse because other seem to instinctively assemble around him. This only means that he is the right person for this particular task. He is given authority over others which can be out to good use. If others assemble around him because of his authority rather than because they have an innate feeling of trust for him this would be unfortunate for all concerned. The only approach one could have with such people would be to attain their acceptance through proper attitudes and determination to perform ones duties to the best of ones abilities. If the man can act in this way, all apprehension will slowly fade away and he will have no cause for remorse. 

6 –X– Grief and sorrow, streams of tears. No guilt. 

In this situation, a man would like to unite with someone else but, his purpose which is proper is misinterpreted by this other person. Because of this the man feels grief and sorrow. This is a proper reaction in this situation. Hopefully the other person will realize the good intent of the man, and in the end the proper association can be achieved.