The Arousing Over The Gentle 
Thunder Above, The Wind Below

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— x —MovementFootGrassOrangeSpringEastEldest Son
——–PenetrationThighsAirWhiteEarly SummerSouth EastEldest Daughter
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The wind blows and the thunder rumbles.
The great man holds his heading
And does not stray off course.
Auspicious if he is determined.
Success. No remorse.
One should have a place to go.

The wind blows in the skies and the thunder rumbles during a storm in the same way they have done so through time. The wind and thunder may come and go but the laws of nature which rule over them remain the same and have endured throughout time. The proper course for a man is not achieved through an unyielding nature. The man must rather keep himself informed of the changing conditions of the times and adjust his own actions to the nature of the circumstances developing around him. The enduring motion that the oracle is concerned with here is the subtle inner movements of his own direction which must remain constant. His acts must endure through the constancy of his own character. As long as the man retains this correct attitude there is lasting union. This attitude is achieved by maintaining a gentle respect from within while permitting clarity of mind to be the cause for proper movements to be realized from without. This hexagram relates to the institution of marriage. It represents enduring union of the sexes or a lasting union of opposites. The strength of the light gives bearing and force to the movement from without while the gentleness and compliance of the weaker elements give the situation its enduring properties. Enduring union is achieved through movement which is not exhausted by the obstacles it must encounter. This can be accomplished through focused will and goals. Endurance is the result of a movement which is both securely consolidated within a whole and self-perpetuating. The end always foretells a new beginning. In the same way a man must also work as if integrated into the whole and this must be achieved in an enduring manner. His way of life must demonstrate consistency if it is to mean anything to those who presently look up to him.

1 –X– He seeks enduring union prematurely. Ominous If he is determined to remain on this course. Nothing can be achieved by this. 

Lasting unions can only be accomplished under conditions where a long period of preparation and much consideration have initially set the stage for the basis of the alliance. When entering into such unions, one must first be sure that its foundation and purpose have been well established and that they benefit all parties if one is to avoid later conflict and apprehension. If a man seeks to accomplish too much without first having prepared himself for the task at hand, he will end up by achieving nothing of value. 

2 –0– He is balanced from within. Remorse vanishes. 

We are faced here with exceptional circumstances. A man of strong will wishes to accomplish a task for which he presently lacks physical power. For this reason he might hold certain apprehensions about starting this venture for which he might eventually lack energy. He should extinguish this doubt from his mind since he is presently in a time of enduring motion and achievement. It will be feasible for him to contain his own inner energies in order to circumvent useless dissipation of his vital forces. If he can manage to accomplish this all remorse will vanish. 

3 –0– The man whose character has no consistence Will bring dishonour upon himself. Continuous disgrace. 

The man who lets his own character be swayed by the ambitions and concerns of the exterior environment will undoubtedly forfeit the internal coherence of his own nature. This type of incoherence of character will lead him to disturbing episodes which will eventually cause his disgrace. The humiliation he will feel will have been caused by the effect of his own nature as well as by outer influences. Because his character has no enduring qualities he will be humiliated. 

4 –0– There is no game in the meadow. 

If a man insists on hunting in a meadow where there is no game he might end up by waiting there forever without any luck. To be determined to find answers to ones quest is inadequate. If the man does not take the proper measures, his answers will never be found. 

5 –X– Determination gives endurance to the mans character. Auspicious for the weak, Ominous for the strong. 

A man of strength understands that he must be pliable in his dealing with people and new circumstances. Although he should demonstrate strength and endurance this should not be mistaken for stubbornness. The man in a ruling position must learn to be receptive to the demands of prevailing conditions although he must also be careful not to give in to every impulse of his supporters without careful consideration. If the man is a follower it is proper for him to staunchly hold to established convention. The important thing for the man in this type of situation is to let the moment guide him to the proper reactions. 

6 –X– Ominous If an unsettled state of mind endures. 

Some men live their lives in a constant state of hurry. They never seem to reach inner peace of mind. This type of enduring agitation from within interfere with a man effectiveness in accomplishing his task. If the man is in a position of influence, this type of mental agitation could even lead to the creation of threatening conditions.