The Gentle Over Keeping Still 
The Wind Above, Mountain Below

— 0 —
— 0 —PenetrationThighsAirWhiteEarly SummerSouth EastEldest Daughter
— x —
—  —InertiaHandStoneGreenEarly SpringNorth EastYoungest Son
—  —

There is a tree growing on the mountain.
The great man waits with honour and a pure heart.
He will enhance the principles of others.
Gentle growth. A woman of virtue is given in marriage.
Auspicious, if he is determined.

A tree on a mountain can be seen from far and its growth animates the view of the whole area. Its growth is not a rapid one but rather a slow and gradual process. The tree strands firmly rooted in the soil which nourishes it. In the affairs of men, gaining authority and influence is also a slow and gradual process. Growth of influence is always a gentle and slow process which must have firm roots in the proper path. The man can only accomplish this by cautious and consistent work on the self in order for his own moral principles to be a beacon of light which others can look towards from afar. Proper growth must be given the time needed if it is to have any lasting effect. From within, he must have inner peace and serenity. From without, the penetration of his words and actions into the minds of others must be achieved in a slow and gentle manner for others to be receptive to his authority. When a woman of virtue takes a man for husband, certain customs and procedures have been adhered to before the wedding takes place. This again is an example of a slow and gradual process where nothing is disregarded as being insignificant. In all social interactions, proper growth must be allowed to take its course. Swift actions and decisions are almost never of lasting influence. A gentle, adaptable approach from without should expand from a peaceful inner state of mind. Determination is necessary to follow such a slow and gradual process but this is the proper path to follow if one wishes to have lasting influence on the world around him.

Moving lines are read from the bottom up. The lowest line in the hexagram is line # 1 and the highest line is #6. 

1 –X– The wild goose slowly approaches the shore. The youngest son is at risk. Gossip, but no blame. 

This line speaks of a solitary young man who is only beginning his life experience as a man. Because nobody has come forward in order to assist him, he starts off gradually and unsure of his own abilities. He sees his situation as being full of potential risks and therefore proceeds with great caution. He will be somewhat reproached but he should not let this bother him. He is on the right path and his careful attitude will keep him from making any serious mistakes. Eventually he will achieve success. 

2 –X– The wild goose slowly approaches the bluff. They eat and drink in peace and harmony. Auspicious. 

The bluff is a secure refuge for the will goose. The original uncertainty that the young man felt within himself have now been surmounted. He has gained a secure position and haven and this will allow him to lead his life from a stable and confident perspective. His achievements will bring him much happiness. His activities will allow him to face the future from a position of purpose and conviction. He will not keep his good fortune all to himself but will share with others the fruits of his success. 

3 –0– The wild goose slowly approaches the plain. He advances and does not return. She carries a child but does not give birth. Ominous, He must fight off the thieves. 

A plain is a dry and unprotected area for the wild goose. It is not appropriate for it to rest there. If the man makes hasty decisions and forges ahead into areas which a not appropriate to his character and abilities, he will meet with misfortune. A man who acts in this manner will not only compromise his own position but also the conditions for those who so far have given him respect and support. It is not the proper course of action and it must be changed in order to be in harmony with the universal laws of natural progression. If the man decides to shy away from the possible contention and limits his actions to those necessary for the preservation of his circumstances, he will be able to fight off unethical assaults and eventually everything will go well. 

4 –X– The wild goose slowly approaches the tree. Maybe he will find a branch to rest upon. No blame. 

A tree is not an appropriate resting place for a wild goose but if he is resourceful he will make the best of the situation by finding a flat branch to rest upon. When a man finds himself in a demanding situation where he finds it difficult not to lose his footing, he must be resourceful in his attempts to reach a compromise with the elements he finds himself surrounded with. He must be responsive and willing to comply with the forces giving direction to his circumstances. With this attitude he will be able to find solid grounds on which to pursue his activities even though he may be beset by risks. 

5 –0– The wild goose slowly approaches the summit. She can bear no children for three years. Eventually nothing will be able to impede her. Auspicious. 

The summit is a lofty location where one can easily become isolated. The man has been wrongly appraised by the person on whom he relies on the most. This has been caused by deceptive people who have willfully misinformed this other person. Because of this his relationship with this other person has become a stagnant one in which nothing can be achieved. Fortunately, circumstances will eventually become apparent to both parties involved. Their reunification is only a matter of time. 

6 –0– The wild goose slowly approaches the clouds. His feathers can be used in the sacred ritual. Auspicious. 

A flock of geese in flight maintain order in their formation. If a few of their feathers happen to fall, men may use them for their sacred rituals because of the natural order from which they came. The man has fulfilled his responsibilities and he is ready to ascend higher into the heavens. He can serve as a guiding light to those who admire him and his deeds. His example can help others in completing themselves. 

The lines of this hexagram depict the steady voyage of a wild goose. The wild goose represents loyalty within a unified group.