The Receptive Over The Arousing 
Earth Above, Thunder Below

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—  —Yielding/DevotionBelly/HeadSoulBlackEarly AutumnSouth WestMother
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Thunder rests within the earth.
The ancient rulers closed the perimeters,
And celebrated the solstice.
The merchants and strangers where not allowed entry.
The ruler remained in his own house.
Return brings about success.
The people are allowed to come and go as they please.
Auspicious if one has somewhere to go.

In the spring, the power of thunder is still resting within the earth. With the warming of the planet it begins to resurface and slowly starts to manifest itself through the thunderstorm. Rest is needed at such a time so that the energy will not be uselessly dissipated in a premature outburst. When we are at a time of revitalizing our own energy, rest is of utmost importance. The restoration of vitality after illness is such an example. When things are just starting to turn back to their proper conditions extra caution and kindness must be given for the situation to return to its favorable state. Weaker elements had taken over the situation but a glimmer of light is starting to move back in. The time of darkness has elapsed but one must be very careful at the beginning not to try to force changes to occur more rapidly. The changes have occurred naturally and effortlessly. People who naturally hold the same opinions will come together. This is a spontaneous and unselfish union. The concept behind returning lies within the cycles of nature which bring back the seasons every year without any effort simply because the time is right for these changes. The changes in the situation will come about naturally, nothing should be hurried. Everything will fall into place at its proper time. After increase comes decrease and then increase again. After darkness come light which will leave only to come back again and again in an endless cycle through time. This is a time when darkness ends and light begins. Let things develop at their own pace. Nothing can stop the return of the light because it is simply the proper time for its reentry into the sphere of influence.

1 –0– Return after a short period. He needs not feel guilty. Very auspicious. 

Negligible wanderings from the proper path are at this point inevitable but the man must not go too far on this course. It is critical for the proper evolution of a mans personality that every corrupt consideration be eliminated as they begin to manifest themselves. He can not let such thoughts go too far and develop in the mind. If he can shun away from the evil and corrupt opinions, then he will have no cause for guilt and all will go well. 

2 –X– Peaceful return. Auspicious. 

To return to ones sources means that the man must first search within himself in order to make the proper decision and then, by acting on his decision, show that he is master of his own destiny. This task can be a simple one if the man surrounds himself with good people. Once he can find the strength within himself to cast off his vanity, he will be able to pursue the path put forward by good men before him and all will go well. 

3 –X– He returns again and again. Peril, but no guilt. 

Some people who do not have proper inner balance may find themselves in situations where they are always tempted to reverse themselves. It is perilous to constantly be abandoning the proper way because of weakness and base desires and then to return to the proper course because one has once again come to his senses. In this situation the man is fortunate since he has not yet let this type of imbalance become a habit he may be able to surmount his weakness if he can gather the strength from within to remain on the proper course. 

4 –X– He walks among others But returns alone. 

A man is in a situation where he finds himself surrounded by people of an inferior nature but he is internally united with a companion of strength and honour. This will cause him to turn away, unaccompanied, from his present surroundings since he can not live with the corruption around him. This action is definitely the proper one since a mans determination to choose good over evil will always, undoubtedly, produce good fortune. 

5 –X– He returns with sincerity. No regrets. 

When a man finds himself faced with the necessity to return to his sources he must not seek to conceal his own faults with trifling justifications. He should rather be looking within himself to determine which of his own actions have been detrimental to others and make a honest attempt to disclose and rectify his mistakes. The man who can gather within himself the strength to follow this path will never need to feel regret. 

6 –X– He does not return, Misfortune spreads from within. If one is determined to remain on this path, He will be made to feel great humiliation. 

When a man does not return at the proper time, he encounters misfortune. His misfortune is rooted in his own perspective of society which is rooted in false pride and self gratification. The troubles that fall upon him from outside have their cause within the mans mistaken beliefs and are only an effect to the mans actions. This situation is only the consequence of shortsighted stubbornness on the part of a weak man. If he does not change his attitudes he will be humiliated and this for a good reason.