The Joyous Over The Creative 
The Marsh/Mist Above, Heaven Below

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The lake rises above heaven
The great man shares his wealth with those below
And resists from basking over his past excellence.
He must be determined to uncover the essence of things
In order for all to see.
There is cause for peril, he must inform his own people.
He should not take up arms, but should venture some undertaking.

If the water from a lake ascends up to heaven it is bound to come back down as rain. This hexagram gives a warning that the pressure of accumulating too many possessions without giving back part of what has been gained will inevitably leads to breakdown on a massive scale. Keeping with the philosophy that for every gain there is a loss the great man understands that he is better off by gradually releasing part of his gains of his own accord before he sees what he has worked for dissipated by the forces of nature. He will share with others as he accumulates his riches thus insuring the replenishment of his own resources. When the great man cultivates his own nature he is careful not to grow stubborn and is conscious that he must at all times be aware of his inner and outer influences. He can achieve this through constant self-analysis. Even if only one inferior man is put in a position of authority this will undermine the strength of the any association. Even if only one dark passion remains in the heart of men it will have the capacity to overshadow their judgments. It is essential that men fight without reserve when it comes to eliminating the passions which rule over their reason. Corrupt passions can not be allowed to coexist with reason within the heart if the man is to follow to proper path. It must be eliminated through strength and proper purpose. Evil can not be overthrown by force since to do so would only implicate the forces of good in the hate and passions which are the cause of evil. The only way to fight this type of corruption is to fight it from within by avoiding corrupt passions within ones own heart and to simply develop what is good and proper at every opportunity. 

1 –0– His strength is in his toes. If he proceeds but is not equal to the task, Errors will be made. 

When a man is determined to move forward even though he knows that he will meet with strong opposition, he should only move as far as he can with the confidence of achieving success. The start of such a venture is when most problems need to be resolved. The man should first examine where the obstacles lies and after careful deliberation then pass to action. If he decides to move ahead unaware of the troubles ahead,this would surely bring him misfortune. It is at the beginning of such an enterprise that difficulties will have the most impact. 

2 –0– A scream of fright. Weapons in the night. Do not fear. 

A man should always be prepared for whatever might confront him. Determination to move ahead should at all times be linked with a cautious approach. If a man is mindful of the dangers before him and keeps a clear head he will have no reason to feel delirious or terror. To be prepared is to be ready and armed in case of danger. A man thus prepared will not be fearful when peril presents itself. A great man is always ready for the dangers which are not yet in sight and thus can live in the midst of adversity as if it wasn’t there. He is more concerned with the development of his own good character. Others will follow such a man of their own free will. 

3 –0– His strength is in the cheeks. Ominous. The great man is determined. He walks apart and is caught in the rainfall. He is splashed with mud. Others gossip against him. No blame. 

Here we have a man who is in a very uncertain situation. While the others are all busy battling against the inferior elements of the situation, the man has maintained ties with an inferior man. If he decides to break away from him before the right time, he would only bring risk for all the others by giving the inferior man more options for fighting back. The great man is in a very trying situation. He must, for the moment, maintain his ties with the inferior man, without participating in his corruption, because this is for the best interest of the whole community. The great man will be misjudged, but there is nothing he can do about this. For now all he can do is to tolerate the bad position he has gotten himself into and wait for a better time to break the tie with the inferior man. If he remains genuine from within, he will be free of error. 

4 –0– His thighs have been skinned. Walking becomes difficult. If the man can learn to follow, Remorse will disappear. He will not believe the words of the oracle. 

The man is tormented by inner agitation and can not remain at rest. He wants to move along at whatever cost but is faced with insurmountable deterrents. This is all caused by his own inner struggle and his stubborn intent to implement his volition on others. If he would renounce his own stubborn purpose all things would go well. However, if this moving line is truly applicable, he will disregard its advise. Stubbornness can render a man deaf and blind to the realities of his environment. This is definitely not a good attitude. 

5 –0– When handling bad outgrowth, Determination is essential. If he walks the middle path, He will remain free of blame. 

Bad outgrowth is always difficult to eliminate since it has the tendency to return again and again. When dealing with a situation of this kind, a man must show determination and vigilance. He must be cautious not to give up the struggle just when he thinks that he has eliminated the difficulties. He must remain optimistic about the positive outcome of the situation and not let himself be swayed away from his purpose. This is the only way he can remain free of guilt. 

6 –X– No shouts. Ominous, in the end. 

Just when the man thinks that he has won the victory over corruption, he might want to start relaxing his guard but this would be a serious mistake. The man must make sure that corruption has not left with concealed roots ready to sprout at a later date. If any aspect of the corruption is disregarded as insignificant, the man can be sure that it will rise at a later date to bring misfortune upon him. When dealing with evil, one can never be too cautious or meticulous when exterminating its source.