The Clinging Over 
Fire/Sun Above, Earth Below

— 0 —
—  —Clarity/LightEyeFireYellowSummerSouthMiddle Daughter
—  —
—  —Yielding/DevotionBelly/HeadSoulBlackEarly AutumnSouth WestMother
— x —

The sun ascends above the earth.
The great man shines by his virtue.
He is praised and receives several horses.
In one day he is heard three times.

As the sun gives light over the earth and expands it reach while rising over the horizon so too should man’s nature shine with goodness and expand itself over a growing multitude. With man however the light can sometimes get faint because of his connection with the affairs in the world of men. The great man might need to pause for a moment and cleanse himself from within before he may be able to shine his light before others and gather a following. This situation calls for a rapid improvement and an ever widening circle of influence and responsibility. The concept hidden within this hexagram is that a great man is somehow in a position of being the intermediary between the ruler and the masses. If the duties are carried out with honesty and fair judgement the ruler will be in a favorable frame of mind to compensate well those who fought for his benefit. The great man by using his powers with inner clarity will be able to avoid abusing his influence. He must remain at peace with himself and abstain from feeling resentment that he is not in the ruling position. He should be happy that he has gained respect and a position of responsibility and see to his duties are carried out to the best of his abilities. If he can do this, the ruler will reward him accordingly and will look to him for counsel.

1 –X– Improvement but with difficulty. Auspicious if he is determined. If you do not gain the confidence of the others, Retain your peace of mind. No mistakes. 

When unsure about improvement in a situation, the man should refrain from any important forward moves and simply proceed on the correct path by doing what is right. Eventually this will bring him success. If he tries to act when still uncertain about circumstances this will reflect in his actions and he will not be able to gain the trust of others. In such a situation it would be wrong to try to forcefully gain their acceptance. He should simply remain undisturbed by events and joyous. He should not let minor setbacks kindle anger from within. He can keep this peaceful state of mind he will make no errors. 

2 –X– Improvement but in grief. Auspicious if he is determined. Happiness comes from one’s own ancestress. 

Development has been brought to a standstill. A good man is being obstructed in his efforts to meet with a man of authority who would be sympathetic to his cause. Under such circumstances, the good man should maintain his determination even if he is presently frustrated in his efforts. When the time is right, the man of authority will find his way to the good man and bring to him extreme joy. The common appeal between these two men are not based on self-indulgent or prejudiced reasons and because of this improvement is guaranteed although it might take some time. 

3 –X– All men unite. Regrets disappear. 

The ruler, the leader and the followers are all in accord. The man will not regret the fact that he does not have to power to act independently. Others will encourage him every step of the way. 

4 –0– He advances like a rodent. Ominous, If he is determined in his actions. 

During periods of improvement, it is easy for inferior men who have been given positions of power to abuse their influence and accumulate vast resources. Such an attitude goes against the proper way and will eventually be brought forth to the people. A man acting in this manner will eventually pay for the misuse of authority. If he is determined to use this opportunity for personal gain, he will be endangering himself and his position. 

5 –X– Regrets disappear. Do not take too seriously your failures or success. Auspicious if you act with the proper intent. All you do will serve to advance your cause. 

The ruler, finding himself in a position to gain personally from the situation refrains from doing so and remains modest in his actions. Feelings that he has not made the best of the situation will be quickly dispelled. Success and failure are not to be taken too seriously here because they are of minor significance. What is more important here is to lay down the foundation for what will bring long term success and influence. 

6 –0– Improvement by the horns is legitimate. Punishment is to be served within one’s own city. Auspicious if you remain aware of the danger. No blame. Determination will bring on dishonour. 

At times, it is better to be on the offensive than to remain on the defensive. This is such a period. However, discipline should be restrained to only punish those who are part of ones own association. He should remain aware of the risks involved when going on the offensive if he is to escape from errors in judgement. Determination to remain this forceful for too long, specifically with those who are not from within ones own circles, will lead to embarrassment. If the man can restrain himself when needed, he will accomplish what he has set out to do without drawing blame to himself.