The Receptive Over The Clinging 
Earth Above, Fire/Sun Below

—  —
—  —Yielding/DevotionBelly/HeadSoulBlackEarly AutumnSouth WestMother
— x —
—  —Clarity/LightEyeFireYellowSummerSouthMiddle Daughter
— 0 —

The light of the sun has waned below the earth.
The great man while living with the masses,
Conceals his brilliance, yet is still radiant.
Eclipse of the light.
When faced with obstacles,
One will find help if he is determined.

During periods of obscurity a great man knows that he should be careful and discreet. He should not draw resentful attitudes upon himself by shining forth too brightly. He must be cautious not to act in the same manner as others who do not know any better but at the same time he should not try to draw them into the light. He should at a time like this, remain modest in his outward bearing while remaining tolerant of the ignorant in their moment of darkness. He should however retain his clarity of mind and not fall into the same trap as have the others around him. In this situation we are faced with inferior men who have authority over conditions and who knowingly wish to injure the power and influence of the light. The great man however will not let his resolve be disturbed. He must resist being carried along by the passions of the overpowering weak elements of the circumstances. Externally there is not much that he can accomplish at this time to remedy the situation but from within he does not need to become part of the ruling darkness. He must not act on their behalf. The only means he has to avoid this is by sustaining from within his own strength and light while remaining compliant and flexible when dealing with the ignorant acts of darkness. By remaining true to himself and maintaining the proper attitudes towards his conditions the great man will prevail over even the darkest afflictions. Under certain circumstances a man may find it necessary to conceal the light within him in order not to draw upon himself injury from the opposing forces of darkness. In this way his will is detached and can not be touched by the dark power around him. Persistance in the proper path must come from within and not be perceived from without. Only in this way can a great man preserve his own proper will in the face of such adversity.

1 –0– Eclipse of the light while in flight. He must drop his wings. He will find no nourishment for three days. He has a someplace to go. He gives others reason to gossip. 

A man attempts to fly above all obstructions, but meets with misfortune. He is forced to withdraw and tries to avoid the situation. He is going through a very troublesome period. He can not pause and has no place to rest. If he refuses to make concessions in order to remain genuine to his own purpose he will have to endure hardship. However, he does have goals in his life. This will cause others who do not empathize with his purpose to speak badly of him. 

2 –X– Eclipse of the light. He is wounded in the left thigh. He provides assistance with the strength of a horse. Auspicious. 

Obscurity has damaged the light but, the wound is not of a fatal nature. It is simply an obstruction which, in time, will be overcome. The afflicted man is so unselfish that he is not concerned with himself but instead tries to rescue others from the perils which also threaten them. He attempts with all of his strength to assist those who can be protected. To act in such a good manner can bring nothing but good fortune in the end. 

3 –0– Eclipse of the light while hunting in the south. The ruler of the ignorant is apprehended. Do not force change upon others too quickly. 

A chance occurrence has enabled the man of justice to capture the leader of the trouble makers. Success is thus attained but when trying to abolish the violations of the past he must proceed slowly. In this case, the infractions where so widespread that the situation would take a turn for the worse if he decided to try to hand out justice too quickly. Too many people have been affected by the dark principles to try overcoming them in one blow. The man must be determined to continue on this path and satisfy himself with modest victories. In the end, darkness will give way to light and the situation will take a turn for the better. 

4 –X– He has entered the left side of the belly. He gets to the heart of the dark forces, And retreats from portal and grounds. 

The man is close to the ruler who has caused the oppressive conditions to overwhelm the people. He has learned of the rulers inner most thoughts and understands that there is no prospect for restoration of the proper order of things. He is allowed to flee before darkness reached its peak. 

5 –X– Eclipse of the light. He can not leave his post. Auspicious if he is determined. 

The man can not retreat from his position. He must hide his actual emotions in order to retain his own inner beliefs. He must remain determined in following his own correct path but must also be extremely careful of how he handles his contacts with others. He must not let the circumstances of this situation break his spirit because he is on the proper path. Only by keeping a discreet attitude towards the darkness surrounding him will he be able to avoid its risks and pitfalls. 

6 –X– There is only darkness. In the beginning he ascended up to heaven, But then plummeted down into the abyss. 

Darkness has reached its climax. The powers of the dark where held in such a high position that they were able to injure all who were on the side of the light. Eventually darkness will destroy itself since once it has defeated the good it can only annihilate itself because it is in its nature to turn against itself once it has no more opposition to oppress.