The Creative Over The Creative 
Heaven Above, Heaven Below

The Lines AttributeAnatomyElementColourSeasonDirectionFamily
———StrengthHeadMetalPurpleEarly WinterNorth
———StrengthHeadMetalPurpleEarly WinterNorth

Heaven creating Heaven.
Heaven’s movement is powerful.
Success through creativity.
Determination brings on lasting results.
The great man prepares for continuous activity.
Assured success.
Improvement whatever he does.
He is moving in the right direction.
His actions are in tune with the universe.

The man is at the center of a positive and creative situation. He is at the origin of these favorable circumstances. Heaven below, heaven past is creating heaven above, heaven future. Heaven in motion, creating itself, indicates that the man is on the right path and that his success is assured. He is the main force influencing a number of people and conditions around him. He must keep moving in accordance with the spirit of the universe.

The force which moves him forward emanates directly from a higher purpose, a spiritual unity within his vision. The power which he possesses influences both the universe and the world of men. His success is assured through his seeking what is right for him and for others as well as through his persistence in following what is the proper course. He has the power to give form to his ideas.

Because of his understanding of the laws of cause and effect he has appropriate timing. He must consciously strengthen his own position by rejecting all that is petty. He must concentrate his efforts and influence on what is the proper way. If there are no moving lines in this hexagram then the man is definitely following the right path. The fact that there is no change in this situation only points to the certainty that this is right for everyone concerned.

The Moving Lines

1 —0— Hidden influences direct the situation.
He must not take action. 

The creative influence within the man is still stagnant and vague at this point. He has certain achievements for which he still hasn’t received recognition. He should not let this situation get the best of him. Secure from within about himself, he should simply wait. The time will come when his influence will be stronger. To try to force others to recognize him at this time would be foolish and bring him nothing but trouble. The world around him is not yet prepared to be receptive to his creative inspiration.

2 —0— The great man’s influence is only beginning.
Caution, but no blame. 

The creative forces within the man are becoming apparent in the world around him. He should watch for a man in a commanding position which will help him to achieve success. Combining forces with such a man will be mutually beneficial. 

3 —0— Creative activity by day.
Apprehension by night. 

The man is going through a time of increased creative influence. Others respect and admire him. He has the inner strength to accomplish what he has set out to do but he is plagued by self doubt and anxieties. Other factors both social and cultural have too much influence on the man. Caution must be of primordial importance here, if he is not to be swept away by his own popularity. He is being tempted to become as others want to see him, rather than as he really is. He must never loose sight of his own integrity. If he is indeed up to the task, he will not fall into the temptations of his own ambitions. He must remain in touch with his own inner self.

4 —0— The man balances over the deep.
No blame. 

The man is being presented with two possible options. He can become an important player in the changes occurring in the world around him, or he can go out an find himself in seclusion. There is no right or wrong decision to make here. He has the strength and inner clarity to take either path. He should not let others influence his choice in this matter. The decision must come from his innermost convictions rather that from how others would like him to be. Whichever path he decides to embark on, he shall remain blameless.

5 —0— The creative is flying through the heavens.
One should seek out the man of knowledge.

He has achieved a state of great distinction. His reputation as an honorable man has become well established. His wisdom is sought by others. To others, he has become a symbol of the creative power which touches us all. Those who know him are truly fortunate.

6 —0— The arrogant man will cause his own downfall.

The man is loosing touch with reality. His ambitions are beyond his capabilities. He should not move in directions where conditions have not led him naturally. He must, for the time being, mould his objectives to a more realistic form. He has been over estimating his own power and influence. If he does not give heed to this warning, he will be disappointed and will meet with great resistance from those who surround him.

All moving lines.

Dragons in flight.
Very auspicious. 

Six moving lines indicate that the force of the creative and the gentleness of the receptive merge within the man. He is in perfect harmony with the will of heaven. He may undertake any action he wishes with confidence.