The Gentle Over The Joyous 
The Wind Above, The Marsh/Mist Below

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——–PenetrationThighsAirWhiteEarly SummerSouth EastEldest Daughter
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——–PleasureMouthFleshBlueAutumnWestYoung Daughter

There is a wind over the lake.
The great man reviews unlawful litigations,
In order to postpone execution.
Truth from within. Pigs and fishes.
He should cross the great water.
Auspicious, if he is determined.

The wind stirs the lake by gently penetrating its surface. When a great man is in a position to judge others he is not too stern but rather tries to penetrate the mind of the wrongdoer in order to benefit from a supportive insight into the conditions which were inherent to the situation. Forgiveness, in the right instance, can sometimes be the greatest application of justice. The correct ethics of such a man will usually have a powerful moral impact on those whom he is called upon to judge. Pigs and fishes where judged to be the most stupid creatures, thus also the most unmanageable. To succeed in exerting the proper authority over unruly people the man must first find the correct strategy. A man who influences others can not let himself be moved by preconception of any kind. His mind should be unobstructed from prejudice and his heart impartial to the truth. He must be able to look at each circumstance individually and determine the proper course of action necessary on the basis of the inner essence and purpose of the situation. The man’s clemency and compassion towards others will project the proper inspiration which will move them to follow in the right path. Once he has gained the support of the others, he can then succeed in the undertaking of great deeds. The proper path must come from within for its influence to effectively penetrate the attitudes of others. If unions are based on the common purpose of achieving what is right, the success of the enterprise is assured. Those in authoritative positions must demonstrate sensitivity and self- control when dealing with others of inferior position. This will create an atmosphere of cheerful co-operation and the proper actions will occur naturally. The correct purpose along with shared conviction and trust must be the foundation of proper associations.

1 –0– Auspicious, if he is informed. Concealed objectives are disconcerting. 

The strength of truth from within hinges mainly on ones internal equilibrium as well as ones inner readiness and acceptance. The correct attitude will naturally flow from such a perspective. If a man acts covertly or hangs on to selfish motives this will strip him of his personal freedom. To depend on others will only create feelings of tension and apprehension. If the man lets the situation develop in this manner the power of truth from within will have been wasted. 

2 –0– A crane calls from the shadows. Her young ones reply. She has food and will share it with them. 

There is a certain strength in the bond between a mother and her young. They do not need to see her to recognize her call and come running. In this situation men of similar affinity will join together. When the truth is spoken others respond and an alliance is formed. If the truth of the word is enforced with the proper actions this will lead to great joy for those who can hear and live by the truth. An important sense of coming together will result. When life is genuinely shared with others without any selfish motive or intent, many great deeds can be accomplished. 

3 –X– He finds a friend. He beats his drum, he stops. He weeps, he sings. 

A man is letting his mind and heart wander about because he does not act from his own strength, but rather from what he feels someone else would like to see. Since his energy does not emanate from within himself he can never find a proper sense of balance. This gives him a tendency towards broad mood swings which can only be detrimental. To love someone, a person does not have to lose his own individuality. In a way, a human being can not truly love another if his uniqueness has been forsaken. Under such conditions, a man is not whole and thus can not love from a proper perspective. 

4 –X– The moon is nearly full. The horse begins to wander. No blame. 

Truth from within must evolve from the illumination a man receives from those who have experienced superior spiritual growth. Such a ruler can illuminate the way of the proper path much like the moon is brightened by the sun. A man must take in the counsel of a wiser person, but must not forget that each human being has his own path. One man’s path is not necessarily better that anothers. Man must remain modest and respectful when confronted with inner truth. He must be able to act in harmony with the new found reality of his inner state and repudiate all source of pettiness and prejudice from within himself. Only by following a unswerving and ethical course can the man maintain the inner freedom which, until now, has aided him in his quest. 

5 –0– He knows the truth which unites all things. No blame. 

In this situation, there is a man of authority who rules over others because of the just and ethical inner attitudes which give strength to the essence of his personal character. Because he has such a powerful personality, all those who follow him are also strengthened by his influence. The inspiration must flow from the ruler if the group is to work as a united force. If the power does not flow from the center, the group will only be under the illusion that they are united. Divisions would develop when solidarity would be most needed. 

6 –0– The roosters crow penetrates heaven. Ominous, if he is determined to remain on this course. 

A rooster will always crow at dawn and thus can be considered to be reliable. However it can not soar to the heights of heaven. It is a creature of the earth. Conviction can sometimes be aroused only through verbal intercourse but this is the exception. Words must be followed by the proper actions. To talk about certain beliefs without acting in the correct way will eventually lead to adverse repercussion.