The Arousing Over The Creative 
Thunder Above, Heaven Below

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—  —MovementFootGrassOrangeSpringEastEldest Son
——–StrengthHeadMetalPurpleEarly WinterNorth WestFather

The thunder is in heaven above.
The great man only follows the paths
Which are in accord with the laws of nature.
The rising power of the great.
Auspicious if he is determined.

As the electric energy of thunder rises up in the spring it’s movement is in accord with the movement of heaven. Because both are moving in the same direction they can produce great power. Genuine greatness, however can only be achieved when this motion is following the proper course which is the path in harmony with the laws of nature. The power of the light is ascending to its proper place. In this situation we have the combination of strength and movement which give rise to the power of the great. The prevailing conditions indicate a period where inner strength and virtue rise above with great thrust and come to a position of authority. When in such a situation, the great man must always remember to discriminate between right and wrong. He must keep in mind the concept of justice when his actions take form. He must learn to be patient and wait for the right time to move. He must be careful not to let his power deteriorate into mere force. This can be achieved by remaining at peace from within and also by taking the proper path which is the natural evolution in the order of things. Power and fairness must at all times remain combined into a focused entity. The natural laws of the universe should always be the compelling thrust behind any action that a man of genuine greatness undertakes. Peace, order and justice must always come out as the most important factors to be considered when trying to decide if the end justifies the means.

1 –0– His power is in his toes. Ominous, If he is determined in his actions. 

The toes are the lowest part of the body and are used in order to make the body move forward. In this situation we have an important amount of power being misused. It is being utilized in a lowly manner because one is trying to press forward by force. If the man keeps to this course, he will meet with misfortune. 

2 –0– Auspicious if he is determined. 

Opportunities to prosper are beginning to manifest themselves. Opposition to the mans movement are fading away and he is free to slowly start making progress. It would be a mistake if he suddenly became overly secure in his position since it is still only in its beginning. The determination that is talked about in this line is the determination to maintain a level head and to avoid immoderate application of ones own will power. If he can be satisfied with moderate movement in the proper direction, he will meet with good fortune. 

3 –0– A ram beats his head against the fence. His horns get entangled. A lesser man manipulates through his power. A greater man would never do this. Ominous, If he is determined in his actions. 

To gloat openly about ones own power can only lead to rivalry and resentment from the others. Such a man would only embroil himself in conflicts which would be his own fault. An inferior man would indulge in his new found circle of influence and material possessions. He would try to use this power at every chance he had and would abuse others in the process. A superior man would be wise enough not to make this error. The superior man remains aware of the perils involved in trying to force ones will upon others and avoids shallow demonstrations of strength. 

4 –0– He opens the gate without entanglement. The strength of a great wagon lies in its axle. Auspicious if he is determined. Guilt disappears. 

When a man tirelessly but silently labors at the task of eliminating the opposition to his goals he will eventually achieve success. Hindrances will fade and cause for guilt about the use of extreme force will also vanish. Such a mans strength does not show itself on the outside but it still accomplishes the task at hand. If power is not openly displayed the potency of its force will be much stronger. 

5 –X– He stops acting like a goat. He finds this easy to do. No regrets. 

A goat is known for its outer stubbornness and inner weakness. In this situation, the man finds it easy to eliminate these traits from his own character and thus removes the obstructions which where impeding the path to success. Since the obstacles in his oath where basically cause by himself he will not regret having abolished these attributes from his own personality. 

6 –X– A ram beats his head against the fence. In can neither move forward or backward. He can not be helped. If he recognizes the difficulties ahead, And decides not to continue in this way, He will find good fortune in the end. 

He has advanced too far to return yet finds himself unable to progress any further. Any action he undertakes will only serve to confuse issues even more. Such a stubborn attitude will only induce overwhelming conflicts. If he can overcome his belligerent attitudes, calm himself and choose not to carry on, the situation will, in due time, eventually correct itself.