The Creative Over 
Heaven Above, Earth Below

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— 0 —StrengthHeadMetalPurpleEarly WinterNorth WestFather
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— x —Yielding/DevotionBelly/HeadSoulBlackEarly AutumnSouth WestMother
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Heaven and earth move away from each other.
The great man must strengthen himself from within.
To escape misfortune, he refuses profits.
Be quietly determined in your principles.
The great ones retreat while the small advance.
Complications arise but remain on the proper path.

You are in a situation where the weak elements prevail. Because the motives and actions of the others are not right, you should not join them in their cause. Your best line of action for the present moment would be to withdraw yourself completely from this situation with the knowledge that you have not compromised your inner self and principles. This is not a time of growth for you but rather, a time for you to fall back upon yourself and reevaluate your relationship to this situation. Disorientation and disarray are prevalent and there is nothing you can do about it except to remove yourself from this predicament. Weakness is at the center of this position and the strength of the proper way can not influence it. The weak elements are on the ascent while the strong ones are retreating. The wise man will not allow this to change his own principles and direction. His only option in this situation is simply to completely withdraw from the situation with the knowledge that he is remaining true to himself. By acting in this manner he will achieve true peace of mind.

1 –X– When a blade of grass is uprooted More of the same will follow. Auspicious, If he is determined in his actions. 

Someone is pulling another away from a situation. Under such conditions, when one’s influence does not count anymore, it is better to retire with dignity rather than stay and face the humiliation of defeat to an unworthy opponent. The success and good fortune spoken of in the moving line comes from persisting in ones own course and remaining true to ones own higher spirit. This can only be achieved through withdrawal from the dangers which have not yet become apparent in this situation. 

2 –X– The people suffer and tolerate. The weak will have good fortune. In the standstill, the wise man will achieve success. 

Men of lesser worth are always ready to praise men of a superior nature if they see personal gain in doing so. They would also be tolerant of the superior man if he would put an end to the confusion which reigns in this situation. The superior man remains calm and abides by the repercussions of keeping the situation at a standstill. He does not associate with inferior men. His voluntary personal strife assures him of attaining success through his underlying personal integrity. 

3 –X– Shame and remorse. Improvement. 

Inferior men in positions of power do not feel equal to the task before them. They feel humiliated although in the beginning they do not demonstrate it openly. The situation is about to change for the better. 

4 –0– The wise man acts with the noblest of intent. He remains without blame. Other noble men will follow. 

The time for change has come. The man must have the required support before he takes on the task of restorint order. If the man feels that he can reestablish order but does not have the support of the majority he will meet with failure. If the man is called upon to accomplish this task, he then has the support needed. The time is right for the man called into action. He will be successful and those who share with him the proper attitudes will also share in the bounty. 

5 –0– The weak are retreating. Success for the wise man. Beware, Beware! he warns, Attaching success to a cluster of mulberry roots. 

It is time for change. The man who has the power to reinstate order has arrived on the scene. This is why the moving line calls for success. In such a phase of transition men must beware of danger. Good fortune is certain only through the greatest of caution. When one cuts a mulberry bush, its roots will usually sprout a quantity of strong shoots. There is danger when the man feels overconfident about his own position. Once he has achieved success and established order the man should remain aware of the dangers of chaos and be cautious in his actions. 

6 –0– The standstill is ended. First there was the standstill, then good fortune. 

The standstill come to an end. It was however not an end achieved through consensus. The right man must intervene into the situation. Ceaseless effort is needed to maintain harmony. If the situation where left to itself it would degenerate into chaos and deteriorating conditions. To remedy this situation effort must be maintained or the deterioration of the conditions will continue.