The Joyous Over Keeping Still 
The Marsh/Mist Above, Mountain Below

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——–PleasureMouthFleshBlueAutumnWestYoungest Daughter
— x —InertiaHandStoneGreenEarly SpringNorth EastYoungest Son
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A lake which lies on the mountain inspires awe.
The wise man persuades others to advise him,
By showing that he is prepared to welcome them.
Inspiration brings about success.
Auspicious, if he is determined to remain on this course.

The top of a mountain is brought to life through the moisture of a lake. Its summit does not project upward but is sunken within the mountain and a lake is formed. A wise man remains free of his own ego and desires. By being truly modest, he becomes more receptive to the counsel of others who may be able guide his decisions in the proper direction. If a man is arrogant towards others, they will soon tire of him and will refuse to help him. Through a quiet and persistent influence, a wise man can inspire those around him to help in his cause. This is a situation for which social interdependence plays an important role. The wise man in all of his wisdom realizes that all is lost if knowledge is not shared between brothers and sisters. In the particular case represented by this oracle we have a man who knows how to bring unity in a social situation through his genuine meekness and ability to be trusted by those who control conditions. There is a mutual attraction established through a wise man who can be relied on by all parties. It is through this man that success can be achieved. This wise man is the superior man in this situation but he knows that it is best to take a humble position in order to benefit the whole of the community. His peace of mind and inner worth serve him in keeping to the proper course since this rids him of all selfish purpose. This is a situation where a wise man can inspire the hearts of inferior men to achieve greater peace for the community. through his receptive nature others can both teach and learn. This in turn benefits the whole of the community and success is achieved through complementary elements of society coming together in the interest of a greater unity.

1 –X– Inspiration is felt in the feet. 

When a man sets himself in motion, his progress is furthered by the action of his feet. As long as a man’s thoughts remain without expression he will have no impact on others. The man already has authority over others but this is not yet obvious to them. If his authority is not perceptible to the others, his actions will bear no significance for them and will have no meaningful consequence, good or bad. 

2 –X– Inspiration is felt in the calves of the legs. Ominous, if he tries to act. Auspicious, if he keeps still. 

The calves of the legs, by themselves, do not further movement but rather follow the lead of the feet. Since this type of motion is not an independent one, action at this time would bring on misfortune. The man’s vision of what he must do is still incomplete at this time. For this reason it would be wiser for the man wait, undisturbed, for the proper moment to give him the signal that his actions would now be harmonious with the prevailing conditions. Only if the man can learn to wait peacefully for the right time for action will he remain unharmed. 

3 –0– Inspiration is felt in the thighs. He follows his heart. If he is determined to act in this way, He will be disgraced. 

The thighs will pursue every desire which spring from the heart. Under certain circumstances the heart’s choice is not always the best option for the proper development of the individual. A man who lets himself be ruled only through his emotions will not always see things as clearly as he could. For a man to let himself be moved by every whimsical impulse would be harmful to him and eventually lead to his disgrace. A man should not hurry towards every person over which he would like to have authority. He should be able to consider the overall implications of his authority over others as well as how this would influence his own character and behaviour.If his actions are based on future aspirations rather than on present needs his efforts will lack direction and seem to be disorganized and confused. He should not succumb to every caprice of those who find themselves in a superior position but rather act by following what he knows to be the proper course. 

4 –0– Auspicious, if he persists. Remorse will disappear. If a man can not find peace of mind, And his thoughts take to wandering, Only those on whom he has fixed his consciousness, Will follow. 

In this situation, a man feels, acts and speaks with an open and honorable heart. He should maintain this attitude with determination for it is the right path. If he can do this, he will not be harmed by the risks which can be associated with the openness of a just heart. He should try to be discreet in what he accomplishes so that his work is not judged by others as a display of vanity. Those who are in close contact with such a man will soon start reaping the benefits of such an alliance since his inspiration will bring them on to the proper path. If the man is not discreet in how he influences others, he will then find much resistance from them and only be able to inspire those on whom he consciously applies his thoughts. This would have the effect of rapidly draining him of vital energies and would simply cause unnecessary conflict. The man should not seek influence for the purpose of personal gain. 

5 –0– Inspiration can be felt in the rear of the neck. No remorse. 

The rear of the neck can be one of the most inflexible parts of the body when it needs to be. For inspiration to express itself in this position means that the man has unbending intent and that the inspiring force giving him thrust is endowing him with a clear perception of prevailing conditions. The man has the inner strength to direct his own actions and his influence will serve as the catalyst which will unite others together. He shall have no cause to feel remorse since he can not help but feel the way he does. The inspiration in this case comes from a source much deeper than the conscious mind. 

6 –X– Inspiration can be felt in the jaws, Cheeks, and tongue. 

A man is trying to consolidate his authority but has nothing but empty words to support him. The inspiration generated by such a man will essentially prevail as nothing of any consequence for anybody else. For this reason there is no suggestion of auspicious or ominous consequences.