The Gentle Over The Abyss 
The Wind Above, The Deep/Water Below

——–PenetrationThighsAirWhiteEarly SummerSouth EastEldest Daughter
—  —
—  —
——–DangerEarWoodRedWinterNorthMiddle Son
—  —

The wind blows over the water.
The rulers of ancient times,
Paid tribute to the divine spirit and built temples.
The ruler enters the temple.
He should cross the great water.
Auspicious if he is determined.

In winter, the waters from the surface separate from the river and form a rigid crust of ice. When warm winds blow over the ice, the frozen water melts and will once again be united with the river. In the case of man, when one lets his heart grow cold and rigid he separates himself from his true connection to humanity. His self centered motives will lead to his seclusion. Such a man must come to feel from within his true inner bond with humanity and demonstrate this through reverence towards the spirit of compassion. He must come to know the divine essence within the world around him and understand its enduring nature. His instincts should point him towards the will of the One and All. This will allow him to reunite with his fellow men through the observance of divine homage. When wind blows over water it will dissipate it. When a man feels that his essential energies are obstructed from within, gentleness will facilitate the dissipation of the obstruction. When the ego has gathered so much force that it separates the man from his brothers, he must look within for the divine inspiration that unites him with all others. This can only be accomplished through a gentle approach. The man must come to understand that he is part of a community which is both physical and spiritual. This way, his rigid attitudes will become more flexible and his own self centered perspective will give way to a gentler, kinder view of the world around him. He should join others in accomplishing a task that is for the benefit of the whole community. This type of co-operation will greatly influence such a man. He must make sure that he has liberated himself of all concealed or personal incentive if he is to succeed. He must maintain his determination to follow the proper path if he is to dissolve his own egotistic character.

Moving lines are read from the bottom up. The lowest line in the hexagram is line # 1 and the highest line is #6. 

1 –X– He helps others with the strength of a horse. Auspicious. 

Disagreements should be settled before discord is allowed to disintegrate whatever common grounds are left to stand upon. Misinterpretations and misconceptions should be cleared up before moving on in order to avoid the risk of common apprehension. The man must act with much energy and vigour in order to bring the situation to its proper conclusion. 

2 –0– Dissipation. He rushes to the foundation. No remorse. 

When a man finds that the source of what separates him from others is within himself he must act in such a way that he is able to remove what is impeding harmonious union. He must seek within himself to find his true source of inspiration, the foundation of his personal principles. He will find that his true spirit is one which holds to a rational and sensitive nature. As soon as his sensations of unhappiness and hate leave him so will all feelings of remorse. 

3 –X– He dissipates his own self. No remorse. 

At times, a man may find himself in a situation where he feels overwhelmed by events and circumstances which come from outside of himself. Under such conditions he must banish all personal aspirations in order to gain strength from his inner self. Only if he can forsake his own immediate personal aspirations can he gather within himself the power to later achieve great things. If he can focus his attention on a greater duty which is for the benefit of the whole will he be able to attain the proper perspective which will carry him to success. 

4 –X– His ties to the group have been broken. Very auspicious. Dissipation will lead to growth. Average men would not think this way. 

When a man is working towards an altruistic goal he must often put aside certain relations which hinder movement towards the proper course. Only if he can move beyond partisan pursuits will he be able to accomplish great deeds. The man who understands that it is sometimes necessary to abandon what is comfortable and close at hand in order to reap greater benefits for the whole in the future sees things from their proper perspective. Such an attitude is quite rare and should be cultivated within men of great vision. 

5 –0– His warnings cause dissipation. The ruler remains without blame. 

When events and circumstances cause for the dissipation or division of a group one must provide the proper influence in order to give the group the focal point necessary for them to rally around if the association is to ever regain its feeling of unity. The man must provide the proper notion and help others understand the importance of remaining united with a strong ruler leading them from the center. 

6 –0– His blood is dissipated. To leave and remain detached Is without blame. 

The man finds himself in a situation filled with danger. He must avoid the peril for himself but also because others are also faced with the same dangerous elements. The man must help others escape the from the dangers involved in this situation. By helping others, he follows the proper path.