The Joyous Over The Abyss 
The Marsh/Mist Above, The Deep/Water Below

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The water has drained from the lake.
The great man wagers his own existence
On pursuing his own convictions.
Success in the face of adversity if he is determined.
The great man creates his own good fortune.
No guilt.
When he speaks, no one believes him.

If the water flows out from below the lake, it will become a dry, depleted area. This is its destiny. It represents adverse conditions in the human experience. When confronted with such a situation, a man has no choice but to accept these conditions and remain genuine to his internal nature by following his inner convictions. Men which are superior in nature are held in check by men of a lesser nature. Adverse conditions prevail for the time being. When a man of superior nature finds himself under such circumstances he uses this opportunity to go within and thus can benefit from these conditions by realizing its potential for inner growth. A man of inner strength will retain his inner composure and maintain a joyful disposition in spite of the oppressive state he finds himself in. This inner composure and joy will at a later time be the origin of his good fortune. His own inner balance will show itself more powerful and more durable than the outer adversity of life’s present conditions. It would be unwise to deplete ones own vital forces at such a time since, for now, nothing of significance can be accomplished. His must adapt to the situation and remain in high spirits in order to come through this type of life experience unharmed. If he uses life’s oppressive moments as a self-learning tool he will come out of these experiences a stronger man each time. A lesser man is not able to accomplish such a task. For the moment, superior men have little influence since no one listens to them but, with time, the situation will change. If he maintains his inner strength and speaks with reserve, his influence and power are destined to reveal themselves at a later date.

1 –X– Adversity while he is seated under a barren tree. He drifts into a sorrowful state. He will be blinded for three years. 

When a man finds himself in the face of adversity, he should find the strength from within himself to conquer his distress. If he is weak from within, his problems will inevitably defeat him. Rather that progressing from a position of strength, the man chooses to experience self-pity and falls prey to depression and desperation. This sort of attitude will only make matters worse. This type of outlook stems from the fact that he feels that he must prevail over the situation at any cost. 

2 –0– Adversity while he eats and drinks. A man of authority is approaching. He should offer the spirits a tribute. Ominous if he proceeds without proper preparation. No blame. 

On the outside everything seems to be going well. The problems that the man must face come from within. His strength seems to have been depleted in futile aspirations and he sees no way out. A man of authority will soon enter the scene because he needs competent assistants. However inner adversity must still be conquered and it would be wise for the man to confront this adversity in the spiritual world by tribute and worship. If he does no prepare himself properly for the task at hand he will be fated to fail. He must be unwavering in his attempt to purge himself of his inner flaws. 

3 –X– He lets himself be burdened by stone. He rests on a bed of thorns. In his house, he will not notice his own wife. Ominous. 

The man lets himself be troubled by matters which should not be of much concern to him. In the face of this adversity he blindly presses forward only to butt his head against a wall of stone and then feels that the wall is his persecutor. Then he leans on objects which by their very nature have no firmness and which can injure him. Once he decides to turn back and return home, his wife has abandoned him. His selfish and reckless conduct have basically pushed out from under him any support he might have previously gained. His endeavour is doomed to fail. 

4 –0– He approaches silently in a golden carriage. Disgrace, but the goal is attained. 

A man of prominence and influence would like to improve conditions for those who are less fortunate. Although his intentions are of the noblest nature, he does not act with swiftness and vigour in this task but rather hesitates and even restrains himself in his actions. He then experiences a certain amount of adversity. Strong and affluent friends pull him away from his benevolent activities. He has no choice but to follow them. For this reason he will be made to suffer much humiliation and will feel that he has failed himself as well as others. Luckily this situation will be temporary and in the end he will be able to accomplish his objective. 

5 –0– His nose and feet have been slashed. Happiness will come gradually. Adveristy from the man of authority. He should give the spirits tribute. 

A good hearted man who would like to act in the best interests of the whole community is being hindered from others above and below him. He will discover that those who have the authority and influence to assist him in his time of need will not be inclined to do so. Fortunately, his situation will slowly and gradually improve. However, until the time comes for him to take the proper measures he should appeal to the divine forces for strength to see things through. As long as his purpose is selfless, in time, his requests will be answered. 

6 –X– Adversity from clinging vines. His maneuvers are unsure. If he can get a hold on his own emotions, He shall overcome his unfortunate condition. Auspicious in the end. 

The man finds himself in a situation where the relations which are hindering his progress can effortlessly be shattered. His anguish is coming to conclusion. However, the man is not yet determined and because of his fears he delays in taking the proper course of action. As soon as he clearly understands the circumstances his perspective will take a change for the better. He will then have the determination to follow through on his resolutions and he will be able to overcome his adverse conditions.