The Creative Over The Clinging 
Heaven Above, Fire/Sun Below

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Fire beneath heaven.
The great man establishes houses.
He can see the proper order in all things.
He may cross the great water.
Determination by the great man brings on success.

The human social concept is based on the premise that there must be law and order for society to survive as an entity otherwise there is anarchy. This situation, like a brotherhood or society, points to the need for the organization of diverse elements to create an order which will be identifiable for all. Men need to work within certain structures if they are to accomplish great deeds. In this situation we have a peaceful alliance of people. In order for this alliance to hold firm there must be a certain yielding from all its members. This yielding is nothing like capitulation but rather more like a group of individuals bending their own wills in order to accommodate the will of the whole because they know that this is where their strength lie. The concept of the group being more important that the unit is of utmost importance here. The creation of common goals and of a common direction are what this situation calls for. If this alliance succeeds, then great undertakings may be realized. At the center of this brotherhood, there must be one strong leader who through perseverance and a clear conviction will be able to hold together the alliance by directing its members on to the proper course. The leader will need the ability to persuade the brotherhood that its goals are the right ones and that the means they must take will be justified by the positive results which will be achieved.

1 –0– A brotherhood of men at the portal. No blame. 

An association with others should be carefully considered before entering into it. Alliances must be handled in an open and democratic manner. Before the association has been entered into, all concerned should have equal rights to make their feelings known. Disagreements should be brought into the light so they be corrected before the group takes form. Secret agreements would bring on misfortune. 

2 –X– A brotherhood of men in his own house. Disgrace. 

In this situation there is a risk that some men in the association might separate from the group and try to serve their own egotistical and personal interests. Because of the corrupt purpose of these men they will be disgraced and misfortune will surely fall upon them. 

3 –0– The man hides weapons in the bushes. He has climbed to the top of the hill. For three years there will be no movement. 

There is much suspicion between men in the association. The level of mistrust has risen so high that no man can rely on any other. Men plan covert actions against each other and try to spy on each other from a distance. The competitors in this situation are very stubborn and will not be influenced by such tactics. Men on both side do not feel comfortable with their positions and wish to surprise their opponents when acting out of faith. Such attitudes will only increase the level of mistrust. What will result from all of this is that men on both sides of the dispute will grow further and further appart. If this situation goes on for too long, the damage to the association will be such that the brotherhood will have no option but to dissolve itself. 

4 –0– The man is ready to attack. He sees no need to fight. Auspicious. 

The appeasement of a dispute is close at hand. There are still factors that stand between the quarrelling factions but the adversity has become so great that both sides see that it is in their best interest to bring the conflict to an end. Sometimes when men are faced with difficult conditions they become more rational. The fact that the men in this situation have come to a crossroad and must put aside their differences in order to work together brings good fortune to all involved. 

5 –0– The men are obliged to the brotherhood. At first they moan and complain. Later, they will laugh at their foolishness. After much strife they will meet with success. 

This moving line speaks of two people who, although they are divided externally by their positions in life, feel very much united from within. Because of their diverging external positions they must overcome many obstacles on their path and this causes them both anguish. If they can remain true to their own spirit and maintain a strong will to retain their solidarity of heart. They will succeed, although not without strife. When they can finally freely unite their sorrow will be transformed to joy. 

6 –0– Brotherhood of men meeting in the fields. No regret. 

In this situation the association with other men is not one which issues from a common concern. The alliance spoken of by this line is more one of a brotherhood with only those who are nearest to us. The field represents the entrance to the town where the community of men dwell. The brotherhood of men has not yet been achieved in this situation but the man need not feel any remorse. He unites with the people without selfish aspirations.