Keeping Still Over The Joyous 
Mountain Above, The Marsh/Mist Below

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— x —InertiaHandStoneGreenEarly SpringNorth EastYoungest Son
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The lake is at the foot of the mountain.
The great man contains his outrage
And tempers his nature.
Reduction united with honesty.
Very auspicious.
No remorse.
He should remain determined to follow this course.
He may attempt some venture.
He may use two modest vessels for the oblation.

When the lake at the foot of the mountain evaporates, it is reduced but it improves the mountain with its moisture. In this case the mountain represents the unbending force which can at times turn into irritation or bitterness. The lake, on the other hand, represents the uncontrolled cheer which can at times generate intense passions which eventually deplete vital energy. This situation points to a need for a reduction of both these attributes in order to attain a well balanced whole. Irritation must be reduced by keeping inner peace of mind and the joyful instincts must be controlled in order not to waste vital energy. By reducing the lower attributes of his nature, man can strengthen the more elevated expressions of his spirit. What is lesser is reduced in favour for what is greater. When this happens there is fear that a weak foundation might bring about frailty. It does not necessarily need to be so. A reduction will not always be the forerunner of something unfortunate. There is a proper time for both reduction and augmentation. At time like these, the reduction of resources may cause the man to contemplate his destiny and bring out inner truths. When a man can be modest in his attitudes he gains the inner fortitude to carry on with greater tasks. He should be careful not to conceal his own impoverishment with deception. He must find the source from within himself in order to gather the energy needed to accomplish his mission. For this reason his vital energy should not be wasted on inappropriate emotions. He should not present an offering to the spirit under false pretense. An offer that is genuinely made from the heart need not be extravagant to be truly a proper tribute.

1 –0– Leaving swiftly after his task is completed. There is no harm in this. The man must consider how he may reduce others. 

It is proper and selfless for the man to use his strength to help others once his own tasks have been accomplished. If he can accomplish this swiftly and without boasting about his own abilities, he can assist others in many ways. The man in a superior position who is accepting this assistance must consider how much he can let the other help him without any harm coming to his helper. Only when this type of sympathetic understanding exists between the man which is helped and the man which is helping can the helper give his assistance completely and without reluctance. 

2 –0– Determination advances his cause. Ominous, if the man endeavors a venture. Without reducing himself, He is able to augment others. 

In order to help others the man must first be aware of his own possibilities and limitations, be thoughtful, and not lose his own dignity through improper actions. He must not work for a man simply because this man holds a superior position. This would be an error. Genuine help, of an enduring nature, can only be provided if a man retains his own integrity and sense of self-worth 

3 –X– If three men travel together, They are reduced by one. If the man travels alone, He will gain a friend. 

When three people work together, there is bound to be some envious conflicts. One person has to leave. An intimate working relationship can only be established between two people. If a man is alone, he is sure to meet up with someone who is like minded and who will act as a friend. 

4 –X– If a man reduces his weaknesses, Others will approach and celebrate with him. No fault. 

A man’s own weaknesses will often deter others from establishing an intimate relationship with him. People will restrain themselves from associating with him if the man does not even try to correct himself. If the man sincerely makes an attempt to give up his weaknesses, he will free his friends from the inner tensions which forced them to stay away in the first place. They will then be able to advance towards him more rapidly. There will be shared happiness. 

5 –X– The man will definitely be augmented. Ten pairs of tortoise shells can not contest this. Very Auspicious. 

When someone is destined by fate to become successful, without a doubt, success will come about. All oracles, like the tortoise shells, are destined to give him favorable indications. He should not concern himself with the situation since his fate has been determined by higher spirits. 

6 –0– If a man can augment himself, without reducing others, He needs not feel guilt. Auspicious if he is determined. He should attempt a venture. He will gain a assistant. He will no longer live alone. 

Some men bring benefit to the whole of the community. For such men, every increase in their own personal power will serve to increase the welfare of the whole, without any decrease being brought to themselves or anyone else. Through hard work and determination, the man will be able to find assistance as it is needed. What he achieves is not selfish personal gain but rather a blessing for everyone.