The Receptive Over The Creative 
Earth Above, Heaven Below

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— x —Yielding/DevotionBelly/HeadSoulBlackEarly AutumnSouth WestMother
— x —
——–StrengthHeadMetalPurpleEarly WinterNorth WestFather
— 0 —

Heaven and earth combine.
Smaller men leave.
Greater men approach.
Heaven and earth merge within men.
The wise one brings this understanding to the people.

Earth descending from above. Heaven ascending from below. Both influences meet and unite bringing harmony to the situation. Those in favorable positions show kindness to those in less favorable circumstances while those less favored show gratitude for assistance bestowed upon them. It is a time for conflicts to be resolved. Heaven manifests itself here on earth and the light giving principle rules over the darkness transforming it into a superior force. Strong and positive components of the community are in a position where they hold authority over the weaker and negative elements. This creates the proper environment to induce changes for the improvement of the whole of society. The heavenly spirit rules over the situation and is seated in the heart of men. The smaller, lesser elements in this situation are about to exit while the purer, stronger elements are moving in. On a more personal level this indicates that the man’s lower character has been subdued by the influence of his spiritual nature. This means good fortune and prosperity for the good of heart, those with pure intent. The wise man understands that the purity of heaven is in working towards the good for all. In order for all men to take part in the good of heaven, order must be maintained. Order in nature is the ultimate matrix of heaven. Everything in it’s proper place and at it’s proper time. The wise man understands this and educates the people.

1 –0– When a blade of grass is uprooted More of the same will follow. Your actions bring good fortune. 

When called upon to hold responsibilities one will usually attract others who think alike. The man should set his goals on constructive achievements and others will follow. He should welcome these new friendships. 

2 –0– He shows kindness in dealing with the ignorant. He can cross the great river on his own. Lessons from the past where not forgotten. He sees through what is shallow, And finds the proper course. 

The man must hold on to a certain openness of spirit which will enable him to endure the flaws in others and to offer them his help. His character must be consistent and he should always remember that in the end, all things are created equal. Everything must be taken into account before a decision is made. The man should be objective, avoid favoritism of any kind and be kind towards those in need. 

3 –0– No end without a beginning. No beginning without an end. Determination in the face of danger. No guilt. Savour the moment without apprehension. 

Everything in this world is constantly moving. Good fortune is always followed by a decrease of some kind. The man should be pleased with his present achievements and not feel any anxiety over the fact that loss of some kind is imminent. He must remember that decrease will also be followed by increase and so forth. His persistance in remaining good natured about this situation will assure him of more good fortune in the future. 

4 –X– The man mixes with others, Without gloating over his wealth. He shows honesty and sincerity. 

The man’s inner strength and perspective lets him understand that all things were created equal. He does not feel superior nor inferior to anyone else. With this inward clarity of mind he can now be himself more freely. Others sense his sincerity. A modest approach and appropriate self confidence will allow the man to be himself and to lead others towards the proper path. 

5 –X– The ruler gives his daughter in marriage. This brings him bounty and extreme good fortune. 

Sometimes it is necessary for someone to unite with someone of a lesser rank. Accomodating to circumstances must sometimes be a person’s ultimate goal. This is such an occasion. It may be easier for a man to achieve this if he can separate his different spheres of activity into their appropriate sectors. The man must do everything in his power to undermine the differences between the various social groups concerned. 

6 –X– Walls come tumbling down. The man must make sure his intentions are known. To stand alone brings his downfall. The change is inevitable. Resistance to it only brings guilt. 

The man has neglected to properly fortify his position and now sees himself in a time of decrease of some kind. He has exposed himself to this fate and should not try to resist it. If he does decide to put up resistance he will only find himself embroiled in deeper trouble. His only solution is to fall back within himself and his close circle of friends for strength and support. He must learn to accept the outcome of the destiny he has created for himself.