Keeping Still Over 
Mountain Above, Earth Below

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— x —InertiaHandStoneGreenEarly SpringNorth EastYoungest Son
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— x —Yielding/DevotionBelly/HeadSoulBlackEarly AutumnSouth WestMother
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The mountain towers above the earth.
Those who hold positions of power
Can only maintain their status 
By providing unselfishly for those below.
Separation, One is not in favorable times
For any undertakings.

The mountain is above the earth. The mountain will be strong only if it has broad base to rest upon. It is not the case in this situation. Without this broad foundation a mountain is at risk of collapsing. The man who rules must also rely on a large base of followers if he is to be effective. If he is to keep this large following he must learn to rule with unselfish intent. His kindness and compassion for those less fortunate must be at the forefront of every decision. Only then will his status be stable. The weak, broken lines are moving up and are about to overpower the last strong, solid line by exercising its dividing power over it. The weak forces of the dark have overpowered the forces of the light by steadily and subtly destroying what is superior and strong. The image is of a tower that is about to collapse because of its weak foundation. This is a situation when inferior people are gaining momentum and influence. They are about to replace the few remaining good men who still hold authority. Under these conditions, which are due to unfavorable times, it would not be wise for the superior man to initiate any undertakings. The proper attitude in such a situation is to be derived from the attributes of the trigrams themselves. The earth stands for yielding and devotion while the mountain represents standstill. The man of superior nature should in this case yield to the adverse situation and remain calm. If silence is maintained it will be possible for the man of superior nature to wait until the situation has reversed itself and his influence will once again rise. If he can not remain tranquil about the situation he will be forcibly removed from the situation and will not be able to return. The universal laws of nature tell us that after increase there will inevitably be decrease and vise versa.

1 –X– A leg from the bed has been broken. Ominous. Those who are determined to remain on this course Will be eliminated. 

Inferior men are gaining momentum in their devastating rampage. They are sabotaging the ruler from the very foundation of his support, his followers. Those followers who remain devoted to the ruler will be ruined by defamation and conspiracy. The situation is very unfortunate but the ruler has no other option than to wait for more favorable times in order to act. 

2 –X– The bed has been separated at the edge. Ominous. Those who are determined to remain on this course Will be eliminated. 

Inferior men are gaining momentum and power. The great man is living in a perilous period. His rest is troubled. He has no one to assist him in his cause and must be extremely careful in this state of seclusion. He must adapt himself to these times and remain exceptionally vigilant. If he remains determined to stand by his views alone, he will meet with misfortune. He must become adaptable to the times and yet maintain his integrety if he is to minimise the damages caused by the others. 

3 –X– He separates himself from the others. No fault. 

A man is surrounded by corrupt elements but finds himself obligated to this surrounding by past relationships. However, he does have inner affinity with a man of a superior nature and through him finds the inner balance to liberate himself from the practices of the inferior people who presently surround him. This will cause for the man to be in disagreement with those who presently surround him but there is no harm in this since this is the right thing to do. 

4 –X– The bed has separated up to the skin. Ominous. 

The looming threat of calamity is no longer a threat but is in fact already at its climax. The mans resting place and its occupant both are troubled. Misfortune is already upon the man and can no longer be countered. 

5 –X– The fish swim in shallow waters. The leader submits to the proper ruler. Auspicious if he acts. 

The leader of the inferior men is no longer in opposition with the rule of the proper man who is superior in nature. He leads other inferior men with him in following the counsel of the proper man. With the weaker men under the guidance of the stronger man all goes well. In such a situation the weaker men find satisfaction and the superior man also obtains proper compensation. Everything is in it’s proper place. 

6 –0– A large fruit remained intact. The wise man will be given a wagon. The house of the inferior men collapses. 

After misfortune comes good fortune. Everything comes and goes in cycles. The situation which has reached its worst conditions will now take a turn for the best. The stronger elements will once again achieve influence and authority. The stronger elements are favoured by the conviction of the masses. Those who ruled during the previous period of corruption will be destroyed by their own tainted natures. Evil not only attacks good but also annihilates itself from within. A man of inferior nature is better off when ruled by a man who follows the proper inner ways.