The Clinging Over The Creative 
Fire/Sun Above, Heaven Below

— x —Clarity/LightEyeFireYellowSummerSouthMiddle Daughter
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— 0 —StrengthHeadMetalPurpleEarly WinterNorth WestFather
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The sun is in heaven.
The great man distinguishes right from wrong.
He follows the will of heaven.
Great success.

The sun is in the heavens. It shines forth and sheds light on all things who reveal themselves both good and evil. The great man must fight to diminish evil by furthering good causes. This is the only way for man to accomplish the will of heaven. Strength and inner vision are combined to give a man of a weaker nature authority over stronger elements in the situation. Great possessions are to be accumulated but only with the proper attitudes. The only way the weak can keep the strong in check is to be accomplished through good actions and genuine humility towards the heavens. Great possessions need to be managed in the proper way. The man is going through a good period, one where his clarity of mind and power join to the benefit of others as well as himself. Power will manifest itself in a refined and contained fashion. This is the start of a period of great success and wealth for the man who is ruled by heaven. the unit is of utmost importance here. The creation of common 

1 –0– The great man does not associate with what is wrong. No guilt. If he remains aware of the difficult road ahead, No blame will fall upon him. 

The accumulation of great possessions is a new condition in this situation. One has not yet been called upon to compromise himself or his principles. Sooner or later he will be tempted by his newfound wealth to become conceited and immoderate. If he tumbles into this pitfall he will be disgraced. If he remains aware of the obstacles to the proper path and thus avoids the traps of great possessions he will remain blameless. 

2 –0– A large wagon ready to be loaded. The great men can assume important responsibilities. No blame. 

Great possessions without purpose or use for them is a complete waste. One must be ready to mobilize his possessions at a moments notice to be able to capitalize on forthcoming opportunities. It is important to have capable people in ones entourage who are sympathetic and skillful in assuming their duties. 

3 –0– A prince makes an offering to the Son of Heaven. This would be impossible for a lesser man. 

A man worthy of great possessions will not be selfish and regard what he has accumulated as his own personal gain but rather place his riches at the disposal of the beneficent ruler and the masses. Possession is only a temporary condition and to see it in a different light is not following the proper course. The act of giving could be seen as a safety valve for great possession. A lesser man could not act in this way since he would try keeping everything for himself. 

4 –0– He distinguishes between himself and his associates. No blame. 

This is the situation of a man of meager possessions who is in the midst of men of great possessions. He must not become envious of his associates wealth. Only by retaining his humility and remaining without envy will he be free of blame. 

5 –X– Auspicious for the man who can be sincere And retain his dignity. 

This line speaks of a very favorable situation where people are brought on side not by persuasion but rather by the honest and genuine attitudes of a man at its center. This makes for the strongest form of association. Compassion alone is not enough in such a time. Lesser men who are envious of the great possessions of the man might start to be disrespectful towards him. Only in keeping a dignified detachment from these inferior men can the great man assure himself of good fortune. 

6 –0– The fortunes of heaven shine upon him. Improvement in every way. 

A man has great possessions and power yet he remains humble and honours the wise man who does not enter into the worldly concerns of men. In doing so the man acquires, through the wise one, the favorable inspiration of the divine spirit. This is a very auspicious situation for the man who understands his position within the larger designs of the universe.