Keeping Still Over The Creative 
Mountain Above, Heaven Below

— 0 —
—  —InertiaHandStoneGreenEarly SpringNorth EastYoungest Son
— x —
——–StrengthHeadMetalPurpleEarly WinterNorth WestFather

Heaven is within the mountain.
The great man is educated, He perceives the essence
Of the words and achievements of the past.
For this reason his character is strengthened.
The power of great measures.
Auspicious if he is determined.
To share his meal with others brings good fortune.
He may cross the great water.

Heaven hides within the mountain its great treasures. These riches are the expressions and achievements of the past. The man who understands the great worth of these treasures will find his character strengthened and heightened because of this knowledge. The great man not only knows of these past achievements and virtues but also applies them to his own life and sets the example for those around him.In order to be able to acquire these great creative powers, the man needs to have strength and clarity of mind. He must have the support of the ruler. The strong creative powers of heaven are ruled by the stillness, firmness and reality of the mountain. This situation points to a man who continuously maintains his character through self examinations and the inner clarity such an exercise will bring. This is the only way the man can keep his power at peak efficiency. The man must have a correct attitude and personality if he is to be worthy of the great creative powers given to him by the ruler. Because the man is given a position of leadership, he is better off to eat with others rather than by himself since this is the best way for him to remain aware of how the people he serves feel about the conditions of their times. If a man can serve others in this manner, he will be following the will of the universe. Since these are favorable times and the will of the universe is on his side the man may undertake great things and succeed.

1 –0– Peril is close at hand. He must cease his advance. 

He desires to make energetic progress but is hindered by existing conditions. He knows that he is presently being restrained. If he endeavors to push forward even though he knows the times are not favorable to his actions, he will meet with misfortune. He is better off to wait and prepare himself for a time which will be more favorable to his ideas. 

2 –0– The axles have been taken from the wheels. 

Progress is brought to a standstill. The forces which oppose the man are so overwhelming that he can not even put up a fight. He must, for the time being, yield to his opposition and simply wait for a more favorable time. If he can wait, he he will be able to strengthen his position and make powerful progress at a later time. 

3 –0– A good horse follows another. They are aware of the dangers that lie ahead. Auspicious if he is determined. He must learn to protect himself. He must have a place to go. 

Obstructions have been eliminated. The man meets with someone of strong will whose determination and actions flow in the same path as his own. Together, if they remain aware of the dangers associated with the course they have chosen, they will be able to undertake their objectives. He must have the determination to bring this situation to its completion and at the same time be able to foresee the dangers ahead in order to avoid the pitfalls of the path he has chosen. He must have a clear objective and a clear mind if he is to succeed. 

4 –X– The horns of the bull have been covered. Very auspicious. 

The proper way to control unmanageable power is to directly limit its growth by the use of preventive measures. The horns of a bull are covered with a board before they grow out and in this way the danger presented by them is averted. In the same way if one takes the proper preventive precautions he can avert the danger which the situation might later present. In this way he assures himself of effortless and outstanding achievements. 

5 –X– The tusk of a castrated boar. Auspicious. 

In this situation, the man averts difficulties by preventive measure but, unlike in the case of the previous line, this is achieved through indirect measures. A boar’s tusks remain dangerous at all times but once he has been castrated his natural tendencies have been transformed and he no longer demonstrates the same wild tendencies as before. In this case, the wild tendencies of others should not be attacked in a direct manner but, should rather be eliminated by removing the source of the unmanageability. 

6 –0– He reaches the proper path. Very auspicious. 

Obstacles to progress have been eliminated. The strength which has been accumulated throughout the period when one was waiting for the proper moment for action will now demonstrate itself in a commanding way. He will attain supreme success. He will be esteemed by the ruler. His ethical sense and reasoning shall be applied towards the restructuring of society.