The Clinging Over The Gentle 
Fire/Sun Above, The Wind Below

— 0 —
— x —Clarity/LightEyeFireYellowSummerSouthMiddle Daughter
——–PenetrationThighsAirWhiteEarly SummerSouth EastEldest Daughter
—  —

Fire above wood.
The great man strengthens his own destiny
By following the proper path.
The receptacle. Success.
Very auspicious.

The destiny of a fire is not dependent of the flame itself but rather of its fuel, the wood. While there is wood below, the fire will burn. Mans destiny itself is also dependent on the fuel one chooses to give power to ones life. If a man can determine the proper nourishment needed to kindle the proper destiny he will have found within himself the correct state of harmonious balance. If he can accomplish such a task, he will have enhanced his own fate many times over. The situation depicted by this hexagram points to the reinforcement of the greater form in the structural arrangement of society. Just as the wood will nourish the flame, so will proper direction in social trends serve as fuel for the spiritual forces governing the worlds. What is presently perceptible in our concrete form of being must grow further, expanding itself into the suprasensible world on the non visible. It will thus acquire its proper place in the field of universal harmony and order. The receptacle is seen here as a symbol of spiritual tribute to the divine forces which impel mans drive towards genuine progress. To realize that the divine manifestation of the spirit is within the self and to base ones actions accordingly, is the highest tribute which can be presented. The divine has manifested itself more obviously in many great sages and prophets. To respect these men and the contributions they have made for mankind’s spiritual development is a true tribute to the spiritual forcesruling over us. A man should remain modest in the face of such accomplishments. To act in such a manner will bring the man an enlightened perspective and genuine knowledge of the natural processes which regulate the environment surrounding all of us. Such actions and attitudes will bring the man extreme good fortune.

Moving lines are read from the bottom up. The lowest line in the hexagram is line # 1 and the highest line is #6. 

1 –X– The receptacle has been overturned In order to be cleansed. He takes a wife because of her son. No guilt. 

To overturn the receptacle before using it clears the inside of litter. If the man takes on a wife because of her son she will be honored. This line tells us that every person who is pure and honorable at heart can prosper. However low a person has previously sunk, if he is ready to cleanse himself, he will find favour among others. If he can confirm that he is now ready to achieve good deeds and bear responsibility he will then attain a certain level of acknowledgment. 

2 –0– The receptacle is filled with food. His companions are jealous. They can bring him no harm. Auspicious. 

When living through a phase of progressive enlightenment, it is imperative that the man accomplish good deeds which are enduring and meaningful. Such action might bring on jealous and resentful attitudes from the others, but the man has nothing to fear. The more efforts he put into achieving these great deeds the less others can damage him. 

3 –0– The receptacles handle has been modified. He is restricted in his actions. The food from the receptacle can not be consumed. Once rain has fallen, remorse will disappear. Auspicious, in the end. 

Without its handle, the receptacle becomes useless and the food being prepared within will burn. This is the case of a man who would assist others in many ways but the fact that no one knows or acknowledges him hinders his usefulness in realizing his good deeds. His positive attributes and clear sense of direction will inevitably fritter away if he goes on unnoticed. It is his duty to realize that he possesses a genuine spiritual gift which will eventually manifest itself. In the end, difficulties will be settled and everything will take a turn for the better. The falling rain is a indication of a decrease in stress. 

4 –0– The legs of the receptacle have been destroyed. The man’s meal is spilled. The man’s person is stained. Ominous. 

The man is not equal to the duties and responsibilities which have been bestowed upon him. To make matters worse he neglects his obligations and his efforts are only half hearted. He does not give himself completely to the difficult task at hand and associates with men of inferior nature. Because of his attitude the man will fail miserably those who trusted him. He will attract much negative criticism and his disgrace will have been well deserved. He can blame no one but himself. 

5 –X– The receptacle has yellow handles, They are golden carrying rings. Auspicious, if the man is determined. 

The man who holds authority over others is accessible and of a humble disposition. As a consequence of his proper attitude he will be able to attract many powerful and competent assistants who will greatly facilitate the accomplishment of his task. Once he has attained victory he must remember that he has achieved his success through a self-sacrificing perspective. He must go out of his way to hold fast to this attitude and not let himself be turned away from this philosophy. 

6 –0– The receptacle has handles made of jade. Very auspicious. All actions helps the proper cause. 

Jade is a symbol of purity and mildness. This line speaks of a wise man who shares with others the knowledge he has accumulated over the years. By acting in this way, he keeps his heart calm and pure. His attitude is one that delights the spiritual forces who control the situation and they grant good fortune to all those concerned.