The Abyss Over The Creative 
The Deep/Water Above, Heaven Below

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——–DangerEarWoodRedWinterNorthMiddle Son
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— 0 —StrengthHeadMetalPurpleEarly WinterNorth WestFather
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Clouds rise towards heaven.
The great man nourishes himself.
And remains cheerful.
If sincere, he will achieve enlightenment.
Prosperity through persistance.
Advance if he crosses the great water.
Very auspicious.

Food for thought is served from heaven. However this special gift can not be asked for. One can only wait patiently for heaven to bestow its nourishment upon the self. This can not be willed. This can only happen in its own time. We must learn to wait for the inspiration from the divine. Strength lies in knowing when to wait for the proper time to act. Weakness stems from becoming anxious over the situation and making rash decisions rather than trusting in your higher self by simply waiting for the situation to clarify itself. Your aspirations must be clear and you must keep the inner conviction that you will in fact reach them. This being the proper attitude you will find the way to success. 

You are now faced with a certain situation which must be surmounted. Only your resilience and patient attitude towards its outcome will bring about the desired results. Only through your inner strength can you see this situation to the end. Do not grow impatient. The honesty of your emotions will shine through. Only when you see yourself for what you truly are will the light reveal your true destiny, the path you must follow. You must abolish all illusion about yourself. Only once you have gathered the strength and courage to meet your destiny will you be able to make the correct decision. Until then you must learn to wait patiently and with acceptance. Learn to wait for fate. Until then all you can do is nourish your body with food and your mind with happiness.

1 –0– Waiting in the field. Advance and success if you are patient. No blame. 

Peril is not yet close at hand. You are like a man standing in an open field waiting for doom to strike. What you must do is return to your normal way of being as long as you can. This is the only way for you to conserve enough energy to gather the strength needed for the peril that has yet to come. If you remain calm and balanced within yourself you will at least remain free of guilt. 

2 –0– Waiting by the river bank. There will be slander. Auspicious in the end. 

Peril is closing in on you slowly but surely. Conflicts appear. Widespread dissension has evolved from this situation and everyone blames one another for the troubles. If you remain calm and retain your inner peace. All things will go well in the end. Rumours will be forgotten if you do not resort to the same slanderous tactics as your opponents. 

3 –0– Waiting in the mud. Enemies will take advantage of this. 

Instead of waiting until you have gathered enough strength to act you have moved hastily and now find yourself in danger. Your opponents will try to take advantage of the weakening of your position. You must be very careful from now on and understand the seriousness of your mistakes. 

4 –X– Waiting in blood. You must flee. 

You are in very serious danger. It could be considered to be a matter of life and death. Someone in this situation could be seriously injured. You have alienated yourself from anyone who might have been able to help you. You must now accept your destiny because the situation was brought on by your own actions. Do not worsen your own position with confrontation. 

5 –0– Waiting at the feast. Advance and success if you are determined. 

In all times of danger comes a moments of reprieve where things seem to calm down. This is only the calm before the storm. You must take advantage of this time of tranquility in order for you to strengthen yourself for the struggle that is sure to start again. You must persist on your path and keep yourself tightly bound to your goals if you are to achieve success. You must wait for the proper time to act, always keeping in mind the justness of your cause. 

6 –X– The wait is over. The man falls in the pit. Three callers appraoch. Treat them well and you will meet with prosperity. 

Your period of waiting is over. The dangers that where troubling you seem to be coming at you all at once. All your efforts seem to have been futile. Just when everything seems to be at their darkest moment there will be a favorable turn of events. Someone will help you without your needing to request assistance. You must at this stage remain modest and swallow your pride. You must treat your rescuer with all of the consideration and respect he deserves. In the end you will elude danger and meet with success.