The Creative Over The Arousing 
Heaven Above, Thunder Below

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——–StrengthHeadMetalPurpleEarly WinterNorth WestFather
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Thunder roars beneath heaven.
The ancient rulers who lived their virtues
Where in accord with the times.
They nurtured and provided for all people.
Open simplicity brings about success.
Auspicious if you persist.
If he is not true to his own spirit,
He will meet with misfortune,
And nothing will help in his cause.

Heaven is above and movement is below. When the energy of thunder rises during spring it brings with it the creative powers of life. Vegetation sprouts from the earth and nature blossoms in this rebirth of life. The open simplicity of the divine becomes apparent to all those who follow their true impulse towards the power of the light. The man who rules with the proper conviction has true compassion for all forms of creation and all forms of society. He will do everything in his power to assist the correct causes at the proper times. Men should move in accord with the natural laws of the universe. When this happens, men are considered to have an open and simple spirit. Their minds are following the proper path and their thoughts are not darkened by concealed motives. Whenever intentional design can be detected, the genuine spirit of open simplicity has been eclipsed. Actions that are not guided by the spirit are not of a genuine nature. They are the tainted acts of weak men. The element of spontaneity is present in the open and simple spirit. It does not intend anything. An open spirit is free to react freely and fittingly to any situation. A man’s inherent good nature is becoming apparent in this situation. He can intuitively choose right from wrong without any ulterior thoughts as to the benefits he might receive from his proper actions. Persistance in keeping this attitude will bring about great success. Persistance in selfish ways will surely bring about misfortune. To follow the will of the universe is the only proper line of conduct.

1 –0– Simple conduct brings about good fortune. 

To follow initial heartfelt tendencies is always the best path to follow. If the man follows his heart he can do so with total faith and needs not feel any regrets. He will surely meet with good fortune and reach his goals. 

2 –X– If he does not rely on the harvest for plowing, If he does not seek honour, He will find success if he advances. 

A man should work for the sake of accomplishing a task rather than for personal gratification or gain. When the man can do this, he will find out that all his actions will turn out well and all of his undertakings will be successful. 

3 –X– Unwarranted misfortune. One man’s gain is another man’s loss. 

At times, unwarranted misfortune may fall upon a good man. This is such a situation. The man should not feel badly about this since his loss will benefit another. It is simply a sign of the times and the man should adapt himself to this loss. Whatever happens, a man should not let himself be embittered by unfortunate circumstances around him, otherwise, he lets his environment rule his emotions and this is a position of weakness. 

4 –0– He who has a determined will Shall remain without guilt. 

A man can lose material possessions but, he can not lose what is intrinsically his, which is his inner bearing and strength. He should not become anxious about his loses because his own good nature is all that is needed for his success. Material assets come and go but, genuine inner strength can not be taken away. 

5 –0– A healthy man falls ill But does not resort to medicine. He will recover naturally. 

If unfortunate events happen to fall upon a man who is of good nature, he should not resort to exterior methods to relieve himself from his troubles. If he peacefully lets the universe flow and calmly waits for the proper resolve of his predicament, recovery will come of it’s own accord in it’s proper time. 

6 –0– Action brings about misfortune. Nothing he can do will further his cause. 

When the times are not agreeable for advancement, the man should simply wait calmly for the times to change. He should refrain from concealed motives and self centered desires for improvement. Nothing will be accomplished if he decides to carelessly push forward contesting his own true destiny.