The Receptive Over 
Earth Above, Earth Below

The Lines AttributeAnatomyElementColourSeasonDirectionFamily
— —
— —YieldingBellySoulBlackEarly AutumnSouth WestMother
— —
— —
— —YieldingBellySoulBlackEarly AutumnSouth WestMother
— —

The earth protects and sustains.
Determination brings about success.
Leadership should be left to another.
Your friends are in the West and South.
Relinquish friends in the East and North.
Assured success.
Improvement whatever you do.
You are moving in the right direction.
Your actions are in tune with the spirit of the universe.

Your situation is one requiring a yielding and receptive nature. This does not mean that you must be passive but rather means that you must find the inspiration for your actions outside of yourself. You must seek out the creative force which complements the leadership of others.

The receptive is just as important as the creative because without the receptive the creative form remains in the realm of ideas and never becomes part of reality.

The creative force is the direction while the receptive force is the action. The creative’s potential ideals is brought into reality by the concrete actions attributed to the world of receptive men.

Your actions must conform with the true spirit of the universe. You must find out what is demanded from the situation and proceed in your duties to accomplish your task. You must seek out friends to help you in your actions but your inspiration will be found in the solitude of your meditations. 

You must respond to the creative spiritual forces coming from outside of you by first determining their justness and then following them through without looking back.

1 –X– Frost is close at hand, Announcing the approach of Winter. 

Light gives life while the dark takes it away. A period of decline has fallen upon some part of your life. It could get much worst if you don’t heed to the signs that are pointing you away from the situation.

2 –X– Creative and Receptive working in accord. Success is assured. 

The receptive should not put up any resistance to this situation. All things will fall in their proper places and everything will go well. Remain composed and accepting of the situation and the proper way will flow naturally through you and your actions. 

3 –X– Do not take the initiative. You will partake in the great man’s success. Remain modest and determined. 

Once you have freed yourself from your own egotism, it becomes easier to partake of the success of someone else. Once you accept your position, which might be of a secondary nature, you will be rewarded at the right time for the proper poise and actions you have showed. Do not seek approval or credit for your work. Just do your part because you are sure that you know it is right.

4 –X– A closed circle No fault No praise 

You are involved in a situation for which you may be attracting rivalry if you try to change the status quo. You should retain your modesty in the face of this situation and try not to attract too much attention. This is your only path.

5 –X– A yellow lower garment. Extreme good fortune 

You have been placed in a position of prestige for which co- operation will be needed from all parties. Only by remaining true to yourself, and by a certain amount of good judgment on your part, will you achieve success. When living an honourable and sincere life, the wise man will let his actions speak for themselves.

6 –X– Dragons do battle in the fields They bleed of black and yellow blood 

The ruler should always be the strong rather than the weak. The light should rule over darkness. The idea is summonsed of a fight between good and evil, light and dark. The dark elements are trying to rule the situation but the light will overcome. There could be injury to both sides.The lower self must let go and find the guidance of the higher self before it is too late. This unnatural situation might involve injury to the primal powers of heaven and earth within you or to the world around you.

All moving –X– The man follows the proper course of action. lines –X– He has lasting determination. –X– 

–X– The receptive is changing into the creative. –X– Persistance will show it’s results in a more –X– concrete fashion soon. Be content with what you have and all will go well.