The Arousing Over Keeping Still 
Thunder Above, Mountain Below

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—  —MovementFootGrassOrangeSpringEastEldest Son
— 0 —
—  —InertiaHandStoneGreenEarly SpringNorth EastYoungest Son
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Thunder rises above the mountain.
The great man shows respect by his behaviour.
He shows sorrow when affliction strikes.
He shows prudence in his disbursement.
Completion through small measures. Achievement.
Small deeds may be undertaken,
Great deeds should be left for a better time.
Very auspicious,
If he is determined to remain on the proper course.

Up on the mountain the thunder appears to be much closer. The great man keeps himself in touch with the nature of his duties and responsibilities. To others his conduct might at first appear to be trivial but his meticulous attitude is necessary for the proper actions to be brought about. When feeling sadness what he touches his heart is more important to him than custom and procedure. He is discerning when it come to the distribution of his own wealth as well as the wealth of others. His conduct is the only means by which his virtue is demonstrated. The primary and most important asset of his nature lies in the fact that he approaches the world around him from a humble and modest perspective. If the man does not feel that he is equal to the task that was assigned to him he should remain modest in his actions and act with utmost caution. Only through a genuine sense of humility as well as a cautious and responsible attitude towards his duties will he be able to achieve success. This does not mean that he should become subordinate to circumstances but rather that his conduct must at all times remain proper and honorable. He must take a good look at the requirements of the times so that he can better understand what will be needed in order to attain the desired goal. One must first have a clear and objective view of the mark before one can go about formulating a correct plan of action which will enable him to realize his ambition. In any case he should satisfy himself with modest but enduring gains rather than extreme but fleeting achievements. His success depends on his being able to keep a down-to-earth attitude towards his situation.

1 –X– Ominous for the bird in flight. 

A young bird should remain in the nest until it has gathers the strength to be able to fly. If he tries to soar into the heavens too soon he will only fall and hurt himself. The man can be considered as a novice at what he is attempting to accomplish. For this reason he should not seek to move too quickly on his own. With such hasty actions he would only bring misfortune upon himself. He should wait a little longer and gain experience from those who could teach him before he goes out into the unknown. With patience he can succeed but with haste he is sure to fail. 

2 –X– She walks past her ancestor And addresses her ancestress. He does not contact the ruler But addresses the trustee. No blame. 

In this situation, a person does not go through the usual channels in order to fulfill their duties. This however is not a mistake but rather a sign of the person’s genuine humility. This person is not seeking glory or self-gratification but wants to meet his responsibilities to the best of his ability. Because this person understands that his foremost obligation is to serve others he will be greeted with open arms and be very successful in performing his duties. 

3 –0– If he is not exceptionally cautious, Someone might hit him from behind. Ominous. 

There are times when a person must be unusually cautious. It is under such conditions that a person who feels is right should not perceive himself as being above others by letting pride or vanity dictate the path he goes on. The person is definitely in a perilous situation and he should act carefully. In this case it is not enough to feel that he is doing the right thing. Under these circumstances the man should remain on his guard and pay attention to every detail no matter how trivial they might seem. 

4 –0– He greets the man. Peril if he asserts his will too strongly. He must remain cautious. He should not act. If he is determined to remain on the proper course, Truth from within must evolve from the illumination a man 

Intransigence must be tempered. The man must be able to give a little if errors are to be avoided. Under these circumstances the man must remain extremely careful and should avoid taking action unilaterally. If the man should try to force his will on others he would meet with overwhelming defeat. He should remain cautious and persevere from within with this direction but not take any outward form of action. 

5 –X– Thick clouds, No rain from the west. The ruler seeks and finds the man in his retreat. 

There is a great man who can help in restoring conditions to their proper order but he has been isolated and has found no support from others around him. The man must go out and find this support but this should be accomplished in a discreet manner. He will find the assistance he needs in the place where those who are in a position to help have retreated. The man should not be looking for prominence in his assistants but rather try to find modest men who have a natural sympathy for his cause and who will strengthen his position with actual deeds. If the man can find these able helpers, the demanding assignment at hand will be carried out successfully despite all obvious opposition to him. 

6 –X– He lets him go without even greeting him. The bird flies away. Ominous. Misfortune and injustice. 

The man who does not know when to pause but rather tries to push forward when the situation calls for rest will soon meet with misfortune. He must not try to force his will on others in this case because he is going against the proper order of things. If he keeps moving in this direction he will only bring wrath upon himself from men and from the world of divine inspiration.