The Receptive Over Keeping Still 
Earth Above, Mountain Below

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— x —Yielding/DevotionBelly/HeadSoulBlackEarly AutumnSouth WestMother
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—  —InertiaHandStoneGreenEarly SpringNorth EastYoungest Son
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Within the earth is a mountain.
The great man rids himself of excess
And expands that which is small.
He considers all things,
And puts them in their proper perspective.
Auspicious if you retain your humility.
The great man will see things through to the end.

The earth above the mountain represents the heavenly principles of the creative’s son shining forth here on earth. This is a time for humility. Great men know of the godly virtues of the meek. With the correct attitude and proper humility a small man can be elevated to a great position. It is one of heaven’s law that the humble shall be rewarded for their meekness. THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH. The day brings on the night and the night brings on the day. It is part of heaven’s laws for increase to be followed by decrease and vice versa. The same could be said about the world of men. Man’s destiny brings to him successes and failures. The prosperous are thwarted and the humble are assisted. Man has always had the power to change his destiny by his own actions. His conduct makes him subject to the authority of both benevolent and detrimental forces. The wise man knows that he should retain his humility even when placed in a position or honour and prestige. If the wise man has been attributed a lower position than what he is capable of, his modesty will make sure that he is not overlooked. The wise man will see to his duties without expecting compensation or gloating over his accomplishments. His abundance is hidden within him and this it where is should be. He should remain humble in the face of his wisdom and accomplishments. He must aspire to represent universal justice in the world around him.

1 –X– The great man remains humble in his modesty. The great water may be crossed. Auspicious. 

When difficult decisions need to be made and one finds himself at a crossroads of some kind, one must see through the maze of options by inner contemplation. This can best be achieved by a man who, with a quiet and unpretentious attitude, will see that the proper resolution is brought about directly and quickly. If a man remains humble towards his own modesty he will be able to see through the circumstances clearly and bring about the correct outcome effortlessly. He has no requirement or conditions to be met which enables him to settle matters in an efficient manner. 

2 –X– Humility shines forth in his countenance. Auspicious if he persist on this path. 

When a man behaves with humility and sincerity, his actions will bring about good fortune for him. His inspiration for others will manifest itself gracefully and nothing will be capable of preventing his rise in influence. 

3 –0– A great man who is humble and deserving Will bring things to their completion. Auspicious. 

Honour is a virtue which must be earned through modesty and proper action in order for it to be genuine. A man who looks at himself with awe over his own achievements will quickly be reproached and complications will soon develop. He must learn to remain humble regardless of his excellence and thus acquire the genuine endorsement needed for him to see his functions carried out to their completion. 

4 –X– He demonstrates genuine humility by his actions. He serves the ruler to the best of his abilities. 

Genuine humility can be perceived through the work that a man does for others. If he bears his responsibilities to the best of his abilities and does not exploit the trust bestowed upon him by his superiors, a man then demonstrates that he is worthy of his task and will be following his proper course. The man who is in a position of authority will then recognize the excellence of his humble subordinate by rewarding him accordingly. 

5 –X– Do not flaunt your riches before your neighbors. Be energetic in the defense of the right cause. 

Humility should never be mistaken for passivity. If a man is put into a responsible position he must on occasion reveal the strength of his character by taking forceful means. When a man finds himself in such a situation he must make sure that he does not flaunt his own power before others. The actions taken should in no way be vindictive or of selfish purpose. The actions decided upon should remain unblemished through an objective process of deliberation. In this manner his humility will shine even when he finds that he must take a stern stand on principles. 

6 –X– Humility shines forth in his countenance. He must first gain self control. He should not blame those around him. Auspicious in the end. 

A modest person who is genuine about his humility must strive to make his modesty apparent to the world around him. He must be very energetic in his efforts. If resentment arises between parties it is often simpler to blame others for the shortcomings. One who is truly humble will on the other hand leave judgment and assignment of blame to others and rather try to rectify the state of things by controlling his own inner bearing. In this way he can influence his own immediate surroundings and thus gradually bring the conditions back to their proper course. Only if a man can summon the fortitude to master his own passions can anything of lasting power actually be accomplished.