8. Pi – Aliance 

The Abyss Over 
The Deep/Water Above, Earth Below

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——–DangerEarWoodRedWinterNorthMiddle Son
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— x —Yielding/DevotionBelly/HeadSoulBlackEarly AutumnSouth WestMother
— x —

Water over the earth.
The rulers of the past partitioned the nation.
Harmony was established amongst the leaders.
Alliances bring on good fortune.
Cast the oracle once more to discover
Wether or not your intent is noble, consistent and steadfast.
If so, there will be no misunderstanding.
The doubtful will eventually join ranks.
Disaster for those who come too late.

Water fills every crevice of the earth and flows on to merge with other bodies of water. All water eventually return to the sea. People, much in the same way tend to join together through various communal pursuits. The individual will most often choose to join with others in a common bond giving rise to feelings that he is an integral part of a whole. This is natural order of things. Society would fall apart if this communal bond was not reinforced from its center. This hexagram is based on the concept of the common alliance of things which hold the same form and are regulated by laws of the same nature. In this situation we have a strong and wise ruler who holds the inner clarity of mind and the power to keep a positive alliance intact. A union of complimentary characters is what will keep the alliance alive. Such an alliance can only be brought about by the strength of a kind and compassionate ruler. To be the ruler in this situation means that important responsibilities must be dealt with in the most considerate way. The rulers spirit must remain unwavering and he must see to it that justice must always prevail. To become this ruler one must have gathered the inner strength and wisdom to allow his judgement to be made with a proper perspective. If the ruler is weak so will be the alliance. When the cause is just, the doubtful will gradually join with the alliance. Those who come late will meet up with an alliance which is already formed and firmly in place. They will be shunned. If you do not feel that you have the power to be the ruler be happy to be simply a member of the alliance.

1 –X– Honesty is the only proper basis for an alliance. Prosperity will be yours if you are sincere. No blame. 

When developing associations, the only appropriate foundation for them should be honesty of emotions. If one can be sincere in his affiliations he will be very successful. Those around him will be fortunate to have him as an example. Such an attitude can only bring about prosperous times for the man of proper actions. 

2 –X– The correct attitude brings about a proper alliance. To be seeking tribute is wrong. Auspicious if your attitudes are correct. 

If a man sets out to form alliances in order to achieve personal gains and honour he will be seen from those in authority for what he really is and will find himself alienated. If on the other hand he chooses to form alliances in order to improve the environment for all those around him he will be well received from those in authority. To choose the first course of action is to choose disgrace while the second course of action brings success and personal peace of mind. 

3 –X– Alliance with undeserving men. Beware. 

We are often surrounded by men who do not deserve our friendship. When this happens we must be watchful not to succumb and fall into an association with them just because it is convenient to do so. You can remain sociable without acting on their behalf. If you do decide to enter into an alliance with undeserving men you will forfeit your chances for a proper alliance with people more suited to your nature, at a later date. 

4 –X– Alliance with the man at the center. Auspicious if you are determined. 

He already has a good relationship with the man at the center. This association should become evident to all. He must remain consistent in his character and not be led astray. 

5 –0– Alliance of the highest order. The chase in conducted from three sides only. The quarry if free to escape from the foreground. Residents come and go of their own free will. Auspicious. 

This situation has a ruler who is fair and just in his actions. Those who wish to follow him are welcomed and those who wish to leave are allowed to freely go their own way. All those who associate with him do so of their own free will. Those who have chosen to remain with him are allowed to voice their opinions openly. The man at the center of the situation holds his following not through force and power but rather through the virtues and inner strength which he represents for those who look up to him. The people follow him of their own free will. 

6 –X– Hesitation in the formation of the alliance. Ominous. 

If at the beginning of an alliance there is hesitation, there is no chance for the proper outcome to ever come about. Once the right moment has been missed for the forming of an alliance, the followers will always question their own decision to follow. The rulers will not be able to maintain the right commitment from the followers and regrets will cause dissention.