The exact origin of the Book of Changes (I Ching), still eludes us. Like all text from those ancient times, the precise way the I Ching was created remains a mystery to us. The fact is, there are few texts still in use today that can be traced as far back as the Book of Changes. The beauty of the I Ching is that it is not based on any particular religious belief. It does not force the doctrine or belief in the existence of any supreme being. It does not discourage the belief in divine forces, but does not attempt to put a flavour on the divine doctrines we tend to believe in. It is religiously neutral. The person seeking counsel from the I Ching can still have faith in his own divine direction yet learn from the proper path put forth by the ancient wisdom of the I Ching text. If the person does not believe in any form of Supreme Being, the counsel in the Book of Changes can still be an invaluable source of wisdom and inspiration. What is right is right. What is wrong is wrong. And then there is everything in between. The I Ching is in harmony with all religious faiths, yet compatible with those who have no faith in organized religion.