The Gentle Over The Gentle 
The Wind Above, The Wind Below

— 0 —
——–PenetrationThighsAirWhiteEarly SummerSouth EastEldest Daughter
— x —
——–PenetrationThighsAirWhiteEarly SummerSouth EastEldest Daughter
— x —

Successive gusts of wind.
A gentle penetration.
The great man influences others from afar,
And accomplishes his tasks from a distance.
Achievements attained through small measures.
The man should have somewhere to go.
The man should seek counsel from the great man.

What gives the wind it’s strength and it’s quality of gentle penetration is it’s incessant action upon the environment. When a ruler wants his views to penetrate into the mind and souls of his followers, his actions must be proper and his bearing constant. Only then will he appear to others as an illuminated man and will they give him true authority over their own lives. Without this gentle permeation of the follower’s minds, the ruler’s actions would only scare and push them away. The slow progress of this gentle penetration is gradual but, once gain is achieved, it is of an enduring nature. In order to bring to completion such gradual progress, the ruler must have clarity of mind, and an unclouded perspective of his objective and purpose. Work must at all times be swayed to move in the same direction if the goals are to be fulfilled. In this case the strength lies with the modest but fluid elements, which through proper action, move the more forceful but static components of the situation, to the correct order. Modest forces can only attain their objective by serving the proper ruler who has the capability to establish harmony. 

Moving lines are read from the bottom up. The lowest line in the hexagram is line # 1 and the highest line is #6. 

1 –X– When moving to and fro, A warrior’s determination helps his cause. 

To be accommodating can at times be carried too far and then become hesitation in choosing ones course of action. The man does not feel the inner strength to move forward with determination. Many uncertainties keep on showing up but the man does not retreat. Instead he chooses to wander haphazardly between advance and withdrawal. In such a situation, the man must regain his composure and act with the determination of a warrior. The natural order of things will instinctively be felt from within. All the man needs is the resoluteness necessary to carry out his task to the end. Self-discipline is the only way he will be able to maintain the proper attitude. 

2 –0– Penetration beneath the bed. Many priests and wizards are called in. Auspicious. No blame. 

At times one must fight off influences that are concealed or that come from unexpected locations. When faced with such circumstances the man must attempt to track these negative influences back to their origin. He must first confirm the nature of the corrupt influence and then fight to rid himself of them. To track these negative powers down and eliminate their control the man must seek the help of a spiritual medium who is better suited for this purpose. The man must be tireless in his efforts to eradicate himself from this bad influence which has taken control over his life. When the dark forces are brought to light they lose their power and influence over people. 

3 –0– Penetration again and again. Disgrace. 

Penetrating introspection can be brought too far if this starts to impair the power to clearly come to the proper decisions. Once the man has adequately reflected upon a subject he must what course of action is best suited and then he must act by following his decision to the very end. Constant introspection will bring in an element of uncertainty if he does not act by following what he intuitively feels to be the right course. 

4 –X– Regrets disappear. While stalking game, He catches three different animals. 

When a person can act with inner humility and outer strength, his success is assured. Such a union of attributes will come from a sense of accountability and from the accumulation of life’s experience. The three animals alluded to in this line where used as offering to the divine forces, as food for the guest and also as the everyday nourishment of men. When a mans objective serves the divine, the social and the self, his success is guaranteed. 

5 –0– Regrets disappear. Everything serves to further. No start, but a finish. Consider the changes for three days before, Consider the changes for three days after, Auspicious, if he is determined. 

The start of a new enterprise has take a wrong turn but with determination, the man can work to change things back to their proper course. Deep transformation and refinement are needed. This can only be accomplished if the man maintains the proper frame of mind. Only with the proper attitude will regrets about this false start be overcome. He must first cautiously consider what actions are to be undertaken and then he must carefully consider what will be the long term consequences of his actions. Through his vigilance and attention to detail will success be achieved. 

6 –0– Penetration beneath the bed. He loses his possessions and his axe. Ominous, if he is determined. 

A man is in a position where he perceives the deeper meaning of things but he chooses to look at things from only their darker perspective. He will follow his insights to their buried recesses but he will no longer have the energy needed to defend himself against their onslaught. In this situation, any effort made towards trying to penetrate the realm of his own personal dark side will only bring injury upon him and those who love him. He must cease this foolish venture and return to a simpler way of being.