Keeping Still Over The Arousing 
Mountain Above, Thunder Below

— x —InertiaHandStoneGreenEarly SpringNorth EastYoungest Son
— x —
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— x —MovementFootGrassOrangeSpringEastEldest Son

Thunder is at the foot of the mountain.
The great man shows respect when he talks.
He is moderate when eating and drinking.
Auspicious if he persists
In cultivating proper nourishment.

Thunder comes to life when the thaw of spring starts to stir up the forces of life once again in the cycle of the seasons. In this situation we have the concept of cultivating proper nourishment. The spring is the proper time to sow the seeds for the harvest that will nourish us for the coming year. If the grounds are properly prepared the crops will be healthy. Much in the same way, a man must sow the seeds for the relationships he is to harvest. If this is performed with peace of mind and tranquillity he will reap the benefits of the growth of a proper character within himself. How a man speaks represent outward movement from within. How a man eats and drinks represent inward movement from without. Both types of movement are improved through the tranquility represented by the mountain. With a serene and peaceful attitude a man cultivates from within the proper attitudes which will later give him strength of character. With the correct actions from without he cultivates the proper relationships with other men which will later give him the power to influence the world around him. Through his compassion and love for all of creation, he sets an example that serves as the standard for other men. The man must see to the care of others and himself in the right way. If a man can not properly take care of himself, how can he take care of others? This is done by cultivating from within the correct attitudes which nourish and nurture the spirit. The man with proper character will help in whichever way he can the growth of what is good and just. He must not let inferior elements in his character rule over the superior principles. His personal growth must come from a truly unselfish desire to help all of mankind. Only through proper nourishment of himself and others can he truly cultivate a superior character.

1 –0– He does not see his own good fortune And looks at others with envy. Ominous. 

A man who has been fortunate enough to live in a liberated and autonomous manner does not see his own favorable conditions but only looks to others who externally seem to be in a better material situation with jealousy and dissatisfaction. Such an attitude will only incite scorn and despise from those who are in better outward circumstances. Such a situation can only lead to misfortune. 

2 –X– He looks up above for nourishment. It is not the proper path To seek nourishment from the mountain. Ominous, If he is determined to remain on this course. 

A man who is in a position to maintain himself properly is not doing so. Because of a weakness of character, he looks to others who are in a higher capacity for help. By doing this he is neglecting his own responsibilities towards himself and society as a whole. Such an attitude is unbefitting of the man and is a departure from his own genuine character. If he decides to remain on this course, he will certainly meet with misfortune. 

3 –X– He has turned away from proper nourishment. Ominous. If he is determined to act in this manner, For ten years nothing will help his cause. 

The man who searches for nourishment among things which do not truly strengthen the body and soul can only increase his craving and passions. This in turn nourishes the force which fuels his own base passions and he enter into an unworthy cycle of desires and self-gratification which can only lead to his ruin. A senseless quest of gratification for the contentment of ones perceptions never lead to the proper purpose. A man should never (10 years being an infinite cycle of time) pursue this course, since no good can ever come of it. 

4 –X– He looks up above for nourishment. And provides for those below. He seeks out people of character With the craving of a voracious tiger. Auspicious and no remorse. 

This line speaks to us of a good man who finds himself in a position to help others. He needs to find assistance from those who surround him in order to accomplish his good deeds. He searches vigorously for such assistance and finds it. Because he has no self-gratifying aims and works for the good of the whole his forceful attitudes are justified. 

5 –X– He turns away from the course he has chosen. Auspicious if he is determined. He should not cross the great water. 

A man knows that he should be involved in the promotion of the nourishment of the masses but, he does not have the clarity of mind and inner strength to do so. He is aware of this weakness within himself and seeks the assistance of a man who is of a greater spiritual aptitude but, who might be externally of lesser prominence. If he keeps to his course and remains conscious of his reliance towards this superior man, he will succeed in his goals. He must not work alone if he is to undertake any action which would be worthwhile. 

6 –0– He is a fountain of nourishment. Auspicious. If he is conscious of the perils involved. He can cross the great water. 

This line depicts a wise man who provides the proper inspiration and nourishment for others. He is in a position which bestow upon him very important duties and obligations. If he maintains the awareness of these conditions, he will have much success and will be able to instigate important and demanding undertakings. His actions will be a source of great joy for himself and all others.