The Arousing Over The Arousing 
Thunder Above, Thunder Below

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—  —MovementFootGrassOrangeSpringEastEldest Son
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—  —MovementFootGrassOrangeSpringEastEldest Son

Repeated thunder.
When faced with fright and concern,
The great man restructures his own life
By examining his own nature.
Astonishing shock brings about success.
At first he is concerned,
But later, he laughs at his own misgivings.
The shock will frighten those within a hundred miles.
He will not let the hallowed spoon and chalice tumble.

Fear is caused by the shock of repeated thunder. A great man, will at all times, pay homage to the divine grace which blesses him. The revelation of the divine spirit will incite him to look within his own heart in order to harmonise his own resolve with the universal will of the divine spirit. He should make sure that he shelters no concealed resistance to the universal intent of the divine. His devotion to the spirit is the underlying principle of his actual nature. The arousing is a sign of the manifestation of divine forces at work here on earth. The shock of such a demonstration from the other side will usually promote terror in the heart of men. However such fright is good if it serves the purpose of making men look within their hearts in order to determine their own weaknesses. Once a man has discovered his own faults he must then struggle with all his strength to eliminate these deficiencies of character. Once this introspection has been completed, and the defects have been eliminated, the man will feel genuine joy from within. Once he has abolished fear from within, he will not ever be scared by elements coming from external sources. Even if fear takes over people within a radius of one hundred miles, the man who is at peace with himself will remain calm and confident in the face of even the most terrifying conditions. If a man can remain at peace with himself under such circumstances, he will remain devoted to the cause of the higher spirit and will not let anything interfere with his reverence towards the sacred.

Moving lines are read from the bottom up. The lowest line in the hexagram is line # 1 and the highest line is #6. 

1 –0– At first he fears the shock of thunder. Then he laughs at his misgivings. Auspicious. 

In the beginning, the fright and anxiety caused by the precarious situation make the man feel as if he is being discriminated against. Fortunately this is only a passing moment. Once the hardship is over the man will feel a sense of calm relief and the fright which he had to suffer through at the beginning will serve to give him the inner strength he will need to eventually succeed. He will laugh at himself when later, he thinks back upon these times. 

2 –X– The shock of thunder brings danger with it. He will lose his fortune a hundred times. He must ascend to the height of the nine mountains. He should not chase after his fortune. His fortune will be returned after seven days. 

The shock of this situation has put the man in a perilous position. He may even withstand important loss of some kind. If he tries to counter these changing times this would only lead to failure. The times indicate a period of loss and there is nothing the man can do about it. His only choice is to withdraw where danger will not be able to reach him further. He must concede to his losses without too much distress. Once the troubled times have passed, his resources will be replaced without his needing to go out searching for them. 

3 –X– The shock of thunder makes the man anxious. If the shock drives him to action. He will free himself of the unfortunate circumstances. 

When a man is struck by the shock of an unfortunate fate he may easily get confused and thus lose his clarity of mind. The man disregards present opportunities and quietly lets destiny take its course. This is not the proper path. However if he is able to realize that he is the one who controls his own destiny, the shock of this situation will cause the correct movements within his own mind and he will see that his troubles can easily be surmounted. 

4 –0– The shock of thunder has no effect. 

The direction a man’s thoughts may take depend somewhat on the conditions which prevail in the situation. If there is no opposition nor any support for a particular direction, then the situation takes on a static quality in which motion finds itself impaired. 

5 –X– Shock following shock. Thunder following thunder. Peril. The situation is not hopeless, But there is still much work to be done. 

The man finds himself in a situation where impacts on his life succeed each other repeatedly giving him a sense that he has no way out. However he will be able to hold his own and the repeated shocks will not bring on defeat. If he makes the conscious decision to remain in the thick of things, at least he will keep some control over his own destiny and will thus prevent his being powerlessly hurled about by the force of fate. 

6 –X– The shock of thunder causes destruction and fright. Ominous, if he is determined to remain on his course. If the state of shock has reached his associate, But has not yet reached him. He is not to blame. Others will talk against the man. This is not his fault. 

When a man is experiencing a intense state of internal shock he looses some of his clarity of mind. During such a period it becomes impossible for him to carry out his actions with the proper presence of mind. What he must do at this time is to remain at rest while trying to regain his composure and clarity of mind. This can only be accomplished if the man can detach himself long enough from this particular situation to calm his emotions and rid himself of excess distractions which keep his mind wandering. If he can retreat before it is too late he will not make any errors and will not be harmed by th situation. His friends will not be pleased by the man’s inaction but he must not let them influence his decision.