The Clinging Over The Joyous 
Fire/Sun Above, The Marsh/Mist Below

— x —Clarity/LightEyeFireYellowSummerSouthMiddle Daughter
— x —
——–PleasureMouthFleshBlueAutumnWestYoung Daughter
— 0 —

There is fire over the lake.
When entering into association,
The great man preserves his uniqueness of character.
There is resistance within the community of men.
When fire and water meet they do not complement each other. Fire tends to rise upwards while water tends downward. They are basically of a diverging nature. When a great man is forced to associate with lesser men because of circumstances he should not loose himself in this association but rather maintain the proper attitudes which make him unique even if this causes resistance within the group. The conflict of interests and intent is one which is rooted deeply in the differences between the contrasting characters of the men involved. When men find themselves under such conditions they can not achieve great deeds together. The differences in conviction are too far apart to ever be reconciled into one decisive direction. Under such conditions the great man understands that he must proceed carefully if he does not want to escalate resistance to the proper purpose. What he should do is to try and influence the situation gradually by only generating reform in small matters. If the great man can limit himself only to modest aspirations he will be successful in the end through discreet but constant movement in the right direction. Resistance usually means that there are obstacles to be overcome but in this situation it could also represent a state of polar neutrality. The subtle balance which exists between the poles maintain equilibrium through a delicate combination of attraction and repulsion. In this light the diverging forces which cause resistance to attraction hold valuable and vital functions in maintaining the equilibrium of the larger system. In this instance the concept of resistance can be seen as the opposing views which create difference and thus establish a method for varying perspectives to be categorized within a structured order. This way individual nature is not lost and the proper position is achieved within ordered structure.

1 –0– Regrets disappear. If he has lost his horse, he does not search for it. The horse will return of its own accord. When dealing with corruption, Protect yourself against mistakes. 

Even when one must face obstacles, errors can be avoided by proper preparation. He should not try to forcefully bring about the resolution of this crisis since such actions would only make matters worst. If some members within his own alliance seem to have certain doubts about things, he should simply let them resolve their own uncertainty in seclusion. If they do belong to the alliance, they will return of their own free will, when the time is right. At the same time, the man should not let corrupt men force their will upon him. This again would lead to serious errors. The use of force against corruption would only kindle its passions and create even more conflict. The man should simply continue in doing what is right. In the end, they will leave of their own free will and all cause for remorse will disappear. 

2 –0– He meets the ruler on a constricted road. He bears no blame. 

The situation speaks of two people, who because of some previous minor disagreement, have been unable to unite their efforts in the proper way. Because these two are so like minded, the man should go out of his way in order to arrange what might look like a chance meeting with this other person. 

3 –X– The cart is being drawn back. The ox has stopped. The man’s hair and nose are cut off. Ominous beginning, Auspicious end. 

At times everything seems to be going against what the man believes in. All his efforts are obstructed and he makes no improvement. He might even be personally abused and humiliated but, he should not let conditions of the times deceive him. He is on the right path and must cling to the group in which he has inner faith. Although the man will have a difficult start, because his purpose is right, all will go well in the end. 

4 –0– He find himself secluded by his own resistance. He encounters a man who thinks like him. He can meet with him in good faith. Although there are threats, No regret. 

When the man finds that he is in a position of inner conflict with his associates, he quickly becomes secluded. If on the other hand he meets with someone who by their inner nature are very much like him, he will surmount the risks of his seclusion. He will achieve his purpose and remain liberated of errors. 

5 –X– Regrets disappear. A friend fights his way through the sheathe. If one meets with such a friend, What error is there in this? 

He meets a genuine friend but can not acknowledge him as such because of this friend has deliberately been alienated by the others. The friend will fight this estrangement and emerge a better man for it. When an ally of such strong character presents himself in friendship these is no mistake in deciding to work with him for the improvement of conditions. 

6 –0– He finds himself secluded by his own resistance. He sees his ally as a pig covered with mud. In the beginning he will wish to fight him. In the end, he will lay down his arms. The ally comes to meet him in genuine friendship. Auspicious, in the end. 

In this situation, estrangement has been brought about from past discord. The isolation is not due to exterior circumstances but rather because the man does not see the true value of his friends. He does not trust anyone and thinks that everybody is out to harm him. He take a defensive position when there is no reason for this. Eventually he will realize his error and see that others are advancing towards him with the proper intent. Stress will then be replaced by a desire for union. Eventually all will turn out for the best.