The Arousing Over The Abyss 
Thunder Above, The Deep/Water Below

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— x —MovementFootGrassOrangeSpringEastEldest Son
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——–DangerEarWoodRedWinterNorthMiddle Son
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Thunder over the abyss.
The great man forgives errors
And disregards wrongful actions of the past.
He is a source for liberation.
He finds assistance in the southwest.
Auspicious if he returns to the proper course
Once the situation has been completed.
Auspicious if he acts quickly
If the situation has not been resolved.

Thunder relieves tensions which build up during the warm seasons. A great man also relieves tensions when dealing with the errors and wrongful actions of lesser men. This course of action also serves to relieve tensions and liberates lesser men from their mistakes. The great man does not judge too harshly the mistakes and weaknesses of those who have accidentally erred. He merely forgives them. He also finds in his heart the compassion to pardon those who have intentionally wronged as long as they understand their mistakes. This situation calls for a time of forgiveness in order to eliminate tensions within the community. Liberation has not yet been realized but it is impending. The only way to relieve the accumulated tensions and remove the obstacles to the proper path is to release of guilt those who have wronged others in a magnanimous gesture of faith. Once a situation has been resolved and the wrongful acts have been understood as being harmful we should try to return back to original conditions as quickly as possible. A time of liberation is of utmost influence for those held under punitive measures. A sign of compassion at such a time could create a milestone for such a person if the situation is handled properly. It is also important to use good judgement in a case like this. It is not time to liberate those who are unrepenting of their improper actions. If people still do not understand the correctness of following the laws of the proper course the great man should see to their rehabilitation as soon as possible. The wrongdoers must be cleansed as soon as possible for order to return to normal.

1 –X– He is without fault. 

The obstacles have come and gone. The man is liberated from his difficulties. He recovers in peace and tranquillity. This is the proper path. 

2 –0– He has killed three foxes in the grassland. He obtains a golden arrow. Auspicious if he is determined. 

The foxes are corrupt men who are trying to influence the ruler of the situation through vain praise. They must be eliminated before success can be achieved. In this case, the man must be sure that he uses the proper methods for exposing their sham. He should be careful to use just the right amount of force when dealing with these men. He must be unswerving and follow the path of just measures. If the man is sincere and devoted to his task, his apparent good ethics will serve as his weapon against the corruption from which he seeks liberation. 

3 –X– The man hauls his load on his shoulder Yet still travels in a carriage. This will only tempt the thieves. Ominous if he is determined To act in this manner. 

The man referred to in this situation has had to work very hard to achieve the success he has attained. However, he now has become too complacent about his circumstances and has started to flaunt his success in front of others. This will only cause resentment and attract thieves. His reckless attitudes towards others and his tendency to brandish his affluence will only tempt them to try gaining undeserved benefits from him. If he continues acting in this manner it will bring him misfortune. 

4 –0– He liberates himself from his big toe. A friend who he can rely on will approach. 

During periods of relative rest, inferior men may begin to associate with a superior man, trying to make themselves indispensable. However, when the superior man is required to act, he must liberate himself from such constraining influences with whom he feels no inner affinity. They could only impede in the progress of his advance. If he does not liberate himself from his inferior associates, those who he could trust to assist him in his task will not feel confident about the man and his judgement and will simply steer clear from him. 

5 –X– Auspicious if the great man can liberate himself. Inferior men will see that his actions are heartfelt. 

When one is attempting to liberate himself from a difficult situation he need inner strength and determination. The inferior men can not be pushed aside by simple means. The man must first make a clean break from them in his own thoughts and actions. The inferior men will then see that he is determined and sincere in wanting to be left to himself. They will then retreat of their own free will. 

6 –X– The great man kills the hawk on the high wall. Conditions will take a turn for the better. 

There is an inferior man who has attained an elevated and powerful position. He is deliberately trying to create obstacles to the superior mans liberation. He must be eliminated by force. The man should prepare well for this task because his opponent is strong and unscrupulous. Since the man’s purpose is of proper intent he will be able to overcome his opponent and free himself from the difficult circumstances.