Keeping Still Over The Abyss 
Mountain Above, The Deep/Water Below

— 0 —
—  —InertiaHandStoneGreenEarly SpringNorth EastYoungest Son
— x —
—  —
— 0 —DangerEarWoodRedWinterNorthMiddle Son
—  —

He is like a spring expanding at the base of a mountain.
The great man is thorough in his actions.
Through proper actions he builds his character.
The oracle does not call upon the young and foolish.
It will teach the young but only if they are true.
If the fool returns again and again.
No information will be given. 
Auspicious if you are firm in your resolutions.

You are in a situation which presents new challenges. You have no experience in this new field and must seek out a mentor. You have arrived at this situation through your youthful exuberance. You lack the experience to fullfil your duties. You must remain patient, modest and receptive to the situation if you want to succeed. Your mentor will not seek you out. It is your responsibility to find him and to treat him with respect. Once you have found him you must not doubt his directions because this would be the action of a fool. If you start to show a lack of trust or start to take the situation for granted your mentor will only be irritated. If you keep up this improper attitude he will leave you to your troubles. 

If you persevere in your task and approach it with the proper attitudes your success is assured. If not, you might find yourself entangled in something which you will not be able to rectify. Your good character is put to the test here and you are cautioned to be meticulous in your education. With the proper mentor your success is guaranteed. 

You are warned here that this situation can describe you as the student or the mentor. However you feel that your situation may apply, make sure that your attitude is a correct one.

1 –X– Discipline should be maintained, If ignorance is to be eliminated. Humiliation, If discipline is maintained for too long. 

The exuberance of youth might make a person become too nonchalant and not give the situation the proper attention it requires. For this reason self discipline must be maintained. Beware of letting self discipline make you hard towards others and your environment. This would only bring on humiliation for you. 

2 –0– A kind approach towards the ignorant brings good fortune. A proper approach towards the inexperienced brings good fortune. In good time the son becomes like the father. Auspicious. 

You are in a situation where you have no power to influence things but you do have the strength of mind to be tolerant of others. If you treat the ignorant with a kind spirit, then all will go well. The inexperienced should be given special considerations in this situation. By combining your inner strength and remaining modest you will be able to responsibly guide others with success. 

3 –X– A young girl mistakes a man of bronze for a real one. Do not embrace her. No good will come of it 

Someone is trying to obtain a position for which they are not qualified. This would degenerate into a bad situation for both the person seeking this higher position and also for those who let a weaker person take on responsibilities they are not yet ready for. The weaker person must wait patiently for maturity to set in. In any case it is improper to offer yourself for a position to which you hold no real qualifications and no good can come of agreeing to such a proposal. 

4 –X– Embroiled in his own foolishness. Guilt. No success. 

He has gotten himself entangled in a world of imagination which he has created for himself. The more he chooses to cling on to these foolish fantasies to more he will bring humiliation down upon himself. A man of knowledge understands that in such a case the only way for the ignorant to come to their senses is to leave them alone in their humiliation. This is often their only way out. 

5 –X– His child like innocence brings him good fortune. 

A person who seeks out knowledge with the genuine curiosity of a child is on the proper path. If he can rid himself of vanity and understand that he is not the teacher in this situation his modesty will surely gain him a good mentor. 

6 –0– Punishing the ignorant Gives no honour to a great man Defending the ignorant brings good fortune. 

The ignorant must sometimes be punished for them to understand that they are doing wrong. This punishment should never be given out of wrath. The ruler must remain impartial and only penalise what would be considered as unjustifiable behaviors and actions. Punishment should serve no other purpose but to reinstate harmony.