The Receptive Over The Gentle 
Earth Above, The Wind Below

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—  —Yielding/DevotionBelly/HeadSoulBlackEarly AutumnSouth WestMother
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— 0 —PenetrationThighsAirWhiteEarly SummerSouth EastEldest Daughter
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The wood is within the earth.
A great man of faithful nature
Accomplishes modest deeds
But in the end completes something important and significant.
Auspicious if he is reaching ever higher.
He must seek out the counsel of the great man.
He should not worry.
Auspicious if he proceeds toward the south.

When wood grows from the earth, It yields to obstacles but does not stop its growth and simply grows around them. This process is a slow and continuous movement to reach ever higher in order to benefit from the suns beneficial rays. The great man is much like a tree sprouting out of the earth because he too is relentless is his quest for knowledge and never has a moment of hesitation in his search for his own personal growth. This is movement in an upward direction. The progress in this situation does not come without struggle. The man must labour towards the attainment of his vision of ideal conditions. In the end, the will of the great man is going to triumph over its obstacles and the man will rise from relative anonymity to prominence and authority. He will need to learn to adapt himself and his attitudes to the changing events that surround him. The reaching ever higher of the good principles in man will meet with no hindrance and consequently outstanding achievements will be attained. This move towards higher grounds will be realized through humility and flexibility towards the challenges of the times. Since the time is right and because the great man follows the proper course through honorable intent, all will go well. Nothing will be accomplished by intimidation or through self- centered ambitions. The great man must seek counsel from those who are in a position of authority. He should not worry about things because the times are in his favour. He must keep his mind clear and get to the task at hand because his venture will bring him good fortune.

1 –X– Reaching ever higher inspires trust. Auspicious. 

The man is in a position where he is only at the start of his ascension. Just as a tree finds the energy it requires to grow ever higher from the roots it has firmly implanted in the ground so too must man find his own source of power in the foundation from which he originates. In this situation, the man has a certain inner correspondence with those in ruling positions and this helps him to gain their trust and achieve something of importance. 

2 –0– If the man is genuine, Even a modest gift is appreciated. No guilt. 

One is faced here with a man of strength who at time might seem too blunt and rather unorthodox. However this man’s heart is just and this gives him the power of the proper way. Others react favorably towards him even though he does not fit the ideal image of the conventional leader. Since the qualities inherent to his nature are based on integrity he should feel no remorse because of his unorthodox behaviour. Even modest contributions will help the proper cause. 

3 –0– The man reaches ever higher into an empty house. 

Obstacles which have been hindering growth seem at this time to easily be suppressed. Things are progressing exceptionally well. The man confidently decides to pursue the course he has chosen since he has so far been rather successful in his venture. Externally all seems to be in its proper place but this assessment is somewhat inaccurate. Progress is not being made because of the course the man has chosen but rather because the times are favorable to this type of advance. If he does not gain the understanding of this fact he will eventually restrict his own potential by continuing on a course that is basically unsuitable for him. The success he has experienced so far will not go on indefinitely. 

4 –X– The ruler presents the man The wisdom of the ancients. Auspicious, No guilt. 

This situation points to the fulfillment of an important aspiration or objective. This results in the attainment of a specific amount of respect and appreciation from the ruler as well as from the spiritual forces guiding the circumstances. The man will be welcomed within the inner circle which nurtures the spiritual life of the others and will effectively achieve great deeds of importance which will remain after he has gone. 

5 –X– Auspicious, if the man is determined. He reaches ever higher one step at a time. 

If a man is fortunate enough to attain success upon success he must be cautious not to let himself become overly excited by his progress. It is extremely important that he remain steadfast in his pursuit and that he not attempt to jump over any of the phases necessary for the maintaining of progress. He must advance gradually while remaining attentive to the process of the slow but steady incrementation of each proper phase. Only by keeping to this sort of tedious but constant growth, without overlooking any facet of its development, will he be able to attain the proper end. 

6 –X– He reaches ever higher in obscurity. The man should maintain his determination And remain extremely cautious. 

If a person blindly reaches ever higher, he will certainly end up by deceiving himself. If he can only move forward without ever considering that the times may warrant retreat he is ignorant of the conditions around him. He will eventually deplete his own resources and strength. In such a situation, the man should at all times remain aware of prevailing conditions and retain a certain attitude of cautious prudence towards his environment. Irrational motivation will always lead to a damaging conclusion.