The Arousing Over The Joyous 
Thunder Above, The Marsh/Mist Below

—  —
—  —MovementFootGrassOrangeSpringEastEldest Son
— 0 —
— x —
——–PleasureMouthFleshBlueAutumnWestYoung Daughter

Thunder above the lake.
The great man knows of the transient nature of things
When looked at from the vantage point of eternal time.
The mistress. Ominous, if he acts impulsively.
Nothing will assist him in his cause.

Thunder agitates the water of the lake and moves the waves which swell and follow its flux. This hexagram depicts the mistress who is moved by an older man and decides to follow him. However, in all human relationships there lies the potential for risks cause by errors in judgement. These may bring on countless disagreements and conflicts in their lives. For this reason it is wise to remember that the truth lies in the eternal scheme of things, the larger picture. If a man is not concerned with this larger picture he may begin and end many relationships for the wrong reasons and even hurt many people along his journey. The man must remember that relationships which endure are the only ones which will, in the end, give him peace of mind. The woman who becomes mistress to a married man, must function with extreme prudence and restraint. If she tries to replace the man’s first wife in her responsibilities, she will only cause chaos in the lives of all concerned. The relationships between all concerned, i.e. man & wife, man & mistress, mistress & wife, will then become unstable and quickly fall apart. Conflicts will only cause everyone involved to drift apart. Relationships which are founded solely on the grounds of individual preferences can only last if all parties involved are able to restrain their own natures and use discerning temperance among each other. Respect for each other is the single most important aspect of any relationship. Without respect there can be no love. Enduring union of any kind should be based on the mutual appreciation of all concerned. 

It should be noted here that the hexagram refers to the situation in ancient china when a man brought a second wife into the household. The only way such relationships could work, was if all concerned where agreeable to the situation, and mutual respect was a foremost factor for all involved.

Moving lines are read from the bottom up. The lowest line in the hexagram is line # 1 and the highest line is #6. 

1 –0– The mistress is a concubine. He is impaired but still, he can move. Auspicious if he undertakes the proper actions. 

The man is in a subordinate position but he should not feel that is being wronged. The ruler has taken him as an ally and he should be content to fulfill his duties to the best of his abilities. The man must make sure that he remains discreet in his actions. This is the reason why the oracle speaks of the man as being impaired. Even though his position is not as distinguished as he would like it to be he will still achieve great deeds through the unselfish attitudes which he projects. 

2 –0– He has only one eye but still, he can see. The determination of a man in seclusion helps. 

Two elements are part of this situation. Even though a man sees better with two eyes, one will suffice in letting him go about his business. One of the elements has been eliminated from the situation but the remaining element does not despair. Even though he might feel forsaken in his quest for his objective, he does not lose sight of his goals and his quiet determination will allow him to at least remain faithful to himself. 

3 –X– The mistress is a slave. She will wed as a concubine. 

A man is yearning to find happiness but can not achieve this state by any customary mean. He must disregard his own integrity by sacrificing a part of his self-respect. He must swallow his pride and enter into a relationship which he previously had thought to be of a lowly nature. This is neither good nor bad. It will depend on the individual. 

4 –0– The mistress waits for a better occasion. The proper union will come at a later time. 

A man is not yet ready to unite with others in an association. He should not worry about letting this occasion pass because it is not yet the proper moment for him. In due time, the appropriate persons with whom he should associate himself will find a way to combine forces with him. 

5 –X– The ruler gave his daughter in marriage. Her gown was not as beautiful As the one worn by the serving maid. The moon which is almost full Will bring her good fortune. 

In this situation a person who is better suited for a more influential status must remain a subordinate because of the prevailing conditions. If he is able to accept his fate with poise and presence he will be able to content himself with this capacity until the times for change bring about the desired transformations. He will then be seen in his true light and the power of his inner integrity will bestow upon him the prominence he deserves. 

6 –X– Her basket is empty, it bears no fruit. His sheep has been slaughtered, no blood will flow. The offering is shallow and void of meaning. Ominous. 

The man is going through the motions only to keep the form of convention. His actions are not inspired from the heart. Any association he might enter into at this time would be doomed to failure.