The Abyss Over The Abyss 
The Deep/Water Above, The Deep/Water Below

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Water keeps on flowing until it reaches its goal.
The superior man leads his life with impeccable virtue.
He is a guide for all those who come in contact with him.
The Abysmal is repeated.
If the man is sincere, 
His heart will lead him to success.

When water flows it keeps on going no matter what gets in its way. It will fill every hole and crevice before moving on. A wise man is similar in the sense that he feels that the proper outlook should be maintained and become an integral part of the character rather than an isolated incident. This could only be achieved through the constancy of his own character. This sets the example for others around him. By always maintaining the correct attitude he guides others on to the proper path. This is a dangerous path since the abyss is repeated. Under these circumstances the wise man does not back down from his position and remains true to himself. This is why the oracle mentions that if the man is sincere when encountering obstacles, the path with the heart will lead him to success. Once the wise man can get a proper knowledge of the problems he must surmount he can then naturally take proper corrective action. The wise man will persist on the proper path when confronted with danger but he will remain acutely aware of the threat around him. Danger can also have the benefit of pushing the man to a new level of perception since perilous situations will often heighten the senses. Intuition can become a greater factor once our instinct for survival comes into play. Danger can also play a defensive role in life. When one is surrounded by danger others will often not consider attack since such action would also put them in a perilous position. Through proper behaviour the wise man can extricate himself from this dangerous position and also guide others out of peril if they follow his example. The most important thing to remember is that like the water who does not change and retains it essential nature in the face of danger so too must man remain true to his own essential nature even when confronted with danger.

1 –X– Repeated danger. He falls into an abysmal pit. Ominous. 

By living with the constant threat of danger a man may become used to its pressure and grow complacent towards it. If he lets himself become used to danger and corruption it will soon become part of him, part of the way he lives. If he allows overstated, is certainly not a miscalculation when attempting from the proper course and unfortunate events will naturally ensue. 

2 –0– The abyss is filled with danger. He should only attempt to achieve small gains. 

If faced with grave danger one must not try to escape away from it all at once without first considering the implications of retreat. In the beginning one should be content with simply not letting danger overtake circumstances. A haphazard retreat is a sign of panic and only demonstrates weakness on his part. He should rather try to regain his own inner composure and for the moment content himself with smaller achievements by slowly moving in the proper direction. At this particular point in time the man can not overcome the dangers before him and should wait patiently until the right opportunities present themselves before he makes any vigorous movement. 

3 –X– He is surrounded by the abyss. In the face of such danger, He should wait until correct action has been revealed. If he decides to act impulsively He will only find himself entangled deeper in danger. 

The man is besieged by danger. He has no way out. The man should not fool himself into believing that he can at this time surmount the overwhelming obstacles before him. Any action would only cause him to become engulfed deeper in his troubles. As hard as it may seem at this time to remain passive, the man should wait things out and eventually the proper course of action will present itself. 

4 –X– Food and drink in a modest container Are plainly dispensed through the window. No blame. 

When men find themselves in the face of danger they tend to let go of their superficial way of being and their honesty gets a chance to shine through. The dangerous elements which confront the men in this situation are such that formalities are kept to their simplest forms. The fact that the men are bared to their most essential forms because of this situation need not be cause for guilt. All that is truly important in this situation is that the men pull together under dangerous circumstances with genuine intent towards repudiating the cause of the mutual danger. 

5 –0– The abyss has only been filled to the edge. No blame. 

A man lets his aspirations get the best of him and thus put himself into a dangerous situation. When a man is faced with such a situation he is better off to forget his aspirations for the moment and to simply concentrate on getting himself out of the situation he has gotten himself into. All he has to do is to follow the path of least resistance and eventually he will attain his purpose. For the moment, however, he must be satisfied with simply getting himself out of trouble. Major accomplishments would not be brought about to a successful completion at this particular point in time. 

6 –X– He has been tied with rope. He is hidden between the barbed walls of a prison. He will be confined for three years. Ominous. 

The man has lost himself in the dangers of this situation. He has not followed the proper course and finds himself irrevocably embroiled in his own vices and passions. He has no place to go and can not find refuge from his own corruption.