The Creative Over The Joyous 
Heaven Above, The Marsh/Mist Below

——–StrengthHeadMetalPurpleEarly WinterNorth WestFather
—  —
— 0 —PleasureMouthFleshBlueAutumnWestYoung Daughter

Heaven is above the lake.
The great man can discern between right and wrong.
He strengthens the minds of the community.
He steps on the tail of the tiger.
It does not bite him.

The man in this situation understands that there is a structure in society which by its nature creates a sense of harmony among men. He understands that the hierarchy in society serves a purpose as long as the proper guidelines have been put forward and followed. Social responsibilities should be alloted in a just and consistent manner otherwise spite and conflict will arise. The proper way for responsibilities to be assigned is by the inner virtues of each individual. If this philosophy is strictly adhered to, order is maintained and the people trust in their social mechanism. This can only be achieved through the proper conduct of the ruler and his administrators. The ruler seems at first to be in a trying position. Others who are of a weaker nature disturb his peace of mind. The ruler must remain good humored about the situation. He must not try to harm the weak. Those who are standing in his path may appear to be rebellious and unruly but he should not not injure them because they represent no threat whatsoever to him. His conduct towards them should remain kind and proper.

1 –0– Modesty in conduct brings improvement in the end. No blame. 

He is in a situation where he is still free to associate with whomever he feels is appropriate. With a modest attitude, conditions will remain the same. He will be able to peacefully follow his own path as long as he is comfortable with his position and makes no demands on others. He is now in a situation in which his abilities are not fully utilized but, with resoluteness he will still progress and find success. If he becomes disappointed with his present humble situation he will grow into a state of resentment and agitation. He will then develop an overly ambitious attitude and become arrogant towards others and crave for luxuries. He should have no remorse if he progresses on the first path but if he chooses the second he will be humiliated in the end. 

2 –0– Walking on a calm and even path. Auspicious if the wise man Is determined in his actions. 

In this case we are in the presence of a secluded wise man. He retains his detachment from the pressures and anxieties of everyday life. He is not searching for anything and asks nothing of anyone. He has managed to withdraw himself from the world of desires and remains content with his condition. He is honest with himself and nothing of this world could negatively affect him. Because he is happy with himself and does not oppose his own destiny, he will live life without being chained by the usual burdens which men impose upon themselves. 

3 –X– A man with one eye thinks he can see properly. A man with one leg thinks he can walk properly. He steps on the tail of the tiger. He is pierced. Ominous. Only if the warrior is fighting for the ruler Can such action be warranted. 

A man with one eye can see but does not have full and clear vision. A man with one leg can move but not as easily as if he had two. If regardless of his own inadequate strength a man pushes forward and subjects himself to danger he will obviously summon tragedy. If the man does not realize the limitations of his own potential and remain within its boundaries he will find himself in a catastrophic situation which he will not be able to escape. This sort of careless sacrifice can only be justified when a man must do battle for true and universaly just. If he holds on to any selfish intent or purpose he will put himself in a situation of great danger. 

4 –0– He steps on the tails of the tiger. Prudence and vigilance Eventually lead to good fortune. 

The situation is dangerous but the man holds the inner strength and cautious attitude which will bring about his success. He is sure of himself and of the correctness of his purpose. Danger will be conquered by the gradual but steady progress of the proper man. His success is assured. 

5 –0– Proper conduct. Be determined but remain aware of danger. No blame. 

This line refers to the ruler of the hexagram. He must remain determined in his actions. He must also be aware of the dangers that come with his determination. Only by being conscious of the dangers of his path will he be able to bring the situation to a successful conclusion. 

6 –0– Reevaluate your past conduct. Consider the fortunate indications in your life. Very auspicious If you have been honorable and true. 

The situation has come to some sort of conclusion. The man must now weigh the consequences of his behaviour. If he has conducted himself in a just and proper manner then he will surely meet with good fortune. He is the only one who truly knows the intentions and purpose which where in his heart. Only through the actual effects of his deeds can a man surmise surmise what he is to anticipate as a result.